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pfSense supports next generation of embedded hardware

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

We now have been able to test pfSense on the new Soekris 55xx boards and the PC Engines ALIX boards and both hardware platforms are supported from now on by the latest snapshots. For now you will have to manually assign the NICs from the console port as both platforms now use vr NICs instead of the sis NICs the old Soekris 48xx and PC Engines WRAP used. This might change if we decide to add some kind of hardware detection when these systems come up with factory defaults to make them run out of the box again without interface assignment.

If you have one of these boards make sure to fetch a build from the snapshot server instead of using the original 1.2RC2 embedded image as we needed to add some modifications for the ALIX boards.

The ALIX for development was kindly provided by Pascal Dornier from PC Engines as donation. If you are interested in buying one please monitor the pcengines homepage for availability. The beta run for this hardware has just started but they should be available soon at prices similar to the WRAP boards.