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New version posted. Get it from a mirror near you.

New to 0.73:

  • Alert system will show you vital information at the top of the page. Click on the event to acknowledge it
  • PPPoE server. Currently locked to 16 ips but this will change soon.
  • Reverse captive portal on WAN (allow all traffic and enable captive portal for WAN. New visitors will be redirected to AUTH)
  • Multi WAN DHCP definitely works now
  • Added ral, ural and wai wireless interfaces to webConfigurator code
  • Correct channel 0 usage (AUTO)
  • Hide SSID wireless option
  • Wireless Transmit Power control

Welcome to the 0.71.X series

Exciting new features in 0.71, lets get right down to it:

  • All reboots have been removed – if you find one let me know
  • Bridging now works again
  • More theme cleanups
  • XMLRPC syncing of configurations now fixed
  • Many, many more things.
  • WRAP version updated

Let us know what you think.

Race car, zoom zoom!

So much new stuff in 0.70.2, so little time to type. Just start playing already!

  • New XHTML/CSS default theme
  • Themes support. Start making themes and submit them to us!!
  • IPSEC-Tools racoon is now imported
  • Dynamic DNS IPSEC!
  • Virtual IP manager – unifies carp and proxyarp
  • New alert system
  • Faster Traffic Shaper configuration generation on backend
  • Fixed Dynamic DNS client
  • WRAP version works again

New version

We just got done posting 0.69.8. Theres a few new treats:

  • Reloads the rules in the background on Apply operations. Watch the GUI fly.
  • DHCP support for all optional interfaces. Warning, this needs major testing!
  • Lots of small bug fixes.

Give it a try!

Welcome to the 0.68.X series

After a somewhat long habit of having to pull down updates due to defects we are happy to announce that the 0.68.X series is now posted and seems to be stable.

New in this series is:

  • Improved trafffic shaper with many presets for games, voip providers, etc
  • A completely rewritte package manager with the features required to take us forward
  • LiveCD that doubles as an installer. You can now try before “you buy” pfSense
  • New alerts system that can alert you of problems when you login
  • Certificate support imported from m0n0wall
  • Much more that I cannot recall now. Give it a try!

New version posted!

We have just posted 0.67.0 . There are many new improvements to this version including:

  • All kinds of new packaging (major rewrites by colin)
  • Many new options to the now renamed EZ Shaper Wizard from Magic Shaper Wizard by Bill and Scott
  • Many new improvements to the Service Manager from Scott
  • New UPNP package from Scott
  • Incoming and outgoing SHAPING via HFSC by Bill

The evil version (0.66.6)

A new version has been posted that includes many new features/updates.

  • Based on freebsd current as of June 1st
  • Bill has commited a bunch of new code that removes ipfw from the traffic shaper. In addition there is a new traffic shaping wizard (this one is a real wizard) but is not linked in yet.
  • New bridge patch from Andrew.
  • All kinds of new graphics from Holger
  • Some minor package adjustments from Colin
  • A new captive portal from Scott

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

It’s upgrade time.

After the long delay we’re proud to announce that it’s time for every user to upgrade to 0.60.7. A lot of work has gone into this release and this is now the pillar for future releases due to the delta aka binary diff updates.

Please update asap and keep the bug reports flowing in. We’re going to meet our beta milestone!

0.60.4 is posted

First of all, I have to tell you that a lot of stuff has gone into this release from 4-5 ppl. The amount of changes is alarming for us trying to get prepared for beta but its all starting to come together believe it or not. New to this release is a CARP + PFSync that works again. During the begining of the RC releases somehow this stopped working and we’re not sure why. At any rate, this version seems to be working pretty well. There may be some issues with magic shaper wizard so you may want to disable this option for the time being.

On another note, this release begins our binary diff process. This should be considered experienced users only. Do not upgrade if you are scared of problems :)