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“pfSense exceeds my expectations”

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

A couple pfSense related posts from Addicted to IT.

“pfSense exceeds my expectations”

And a howto on editing config.xml manually – though this is only necessary in some very limited circumstances, be very careful if you do manually edit your config and make sure you have a good backup!

pfSniffer? A non-firewall use for pfSense

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Jack of All IT posted an interesting use for pfSense, as a dedicated sniffer box. 1.3 allows the configuration of just one network interface, so uses like this will be even easier in the future. 

First issue of BSD Magazine available, including pfSense

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

The first issue of BSD Magazine is now available, and pfSense 1.2 is mentioned on the cover and the 1.2 release is on the included DVD. No written content on pfSense is included that I’m aware of, though I’m not sure as my issue has not yet arrived. I may be writing an article for a future issue if I can find the time.

Using pfSense Video Tutorial (Portuguese)

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Luiz Gustavo has made what appears to be a very nice pfSense video tutorial in Portuguese.

Vídeo Tutorial: Usando o PfSense (Parte 1)

Given I don’t know the first word of Portuguese, I’m not able to comment on the content, but glancing through the video it appears to be very well put together! It’s nice to see resources in languages other than English. This is truly a global project, with Google Analytics showing web site visits from 152 countries in the past two weeks alone, but we must rely on others to put out information in alternate languages.

Couple nice write ups on pfSense

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

First a user from the forum who has replaced his Cisco PIX firewall with pfSense. This is far from the first person who has replaced a PIX with pfSense, we know of numerous others ranging from the small office PIX 501 to the enterprise class PIX 535. In most networks, pfSense can do everything the PIX can, and at a significantly lower cost even with commercial support.

Another person with a blog entry with a nice multi-WAN howto.

Write up something about pfSense on your site you would like to share? Email a link to us, we’d be glad to link it here.

PCEngines ALIX boards and pfSense

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

We have been receiving a lot of requests for help in getting pfSense working on the ALIX board.  The good news is that it does work if you have the latest BIOS version.

Anyone looking to install pfSense on an ALIX, please see this link.

Seven different BSD and Linux firewalls reviewed

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Nice review from someone unrelated to the project.

“In the end, pfSense is ultimately the best choice overall and provides the best value of all we have looked at today.”

Rural user fuses EDGE and HughsNet with pfSense

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

From Broadband Reports, a story of a user utilizing pfSense’s multi-WAN and policy routing capabilities to make the most of his connections.

Note that right now you need some device terminating EDGE and outputting Ethernet to use it with pfSense. That will hopefully change by the end of the year.

Update on 1.2 release status to come later this week.

pfSense commercial support interview in Free Software Magazine

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Scott and I, as well as our partner Centipede Networks’ CEO Jeff Starkweather, were interviewed in Free Software Magazine regarding our commercial support venture.

Free Software Magazine is “the free online magazine about free software. It is free to subscribe and free to read online.” This is the first I had heard of it, but they have a lot of good content. I recommend checking it out and subscribing. You also may be interested in the free software news site FSDaily.

Tony Mobily, editor of the magazine, did a great job with the interview. He asked a lot of the same questions we’ve received from many of you, and I think it does a nice job of clarifying our offerings and the partnership.

BSDCan summary in USENIX ;login:

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

The August 2007 issue of USENIX ;login: magazine is available, which includes a BSDCan summary article with a summary of two sessions written by yours truly (including the pfSense session).

The slides for our presentation have also been available on the BSDCan website for quite some time now, I forgot to mention it here.