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Builder process changes

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

We have completely switched over to freesbie2 now. It brings with it even more benefits over just a livecd:

  • 64 meg image is now created by default for embedded users
  • MSDOS /cf partition if we want it to be (still testing)
  • Completely modular build system
  • Everything is neat and clean now. The builder system was a royal mess before.

From 0.90+ the images have now been created with FreeSBIE2.

Please test, test, test!

FreeSBIE2 now integrated!

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

We’ve upgraded to FreeSBIE2 with much help from Dario, the author.

FreeSBIE2 was created during the Gooogle Summer of Code and offfers many cleaner areas of integration:

  • Much cleaner BSD Installer experience since it uses / instead of a seperate mounted /FreeSBIE/
  • Completely modular build environment. Dario whipped our builder scripts into major shape. NOTE: If you build pfSense using our scripts then please check the building pfsense wiki section for important changes!
  • FreeSBIE2 mounts the / environment from a ISO. Slick!
  • Less memory required

When 0.93.2 is released, I’m pretty sure the LiveCD experience will be much cleaner.

Looks like I now have to write the BSD Installer module for the official FreeSBIE2 distribution now that it works in pfSense. :P

Addressing confusion – which system to use when

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

So… now that we’ve added the forum, there is yet another place for user input and inquiries related to the project. This is no doubt getting more confusing for most users all the time, as has become evident by the increasing number of inquiries going through the wrong channels. We now have cvstrac, the FAQ, the mailing lists, IRC, and the forum. Hopefully the following will help eliminate any confusion.

The support mailing list, IRC, and the forum are the places to go if you need help. Which to use is entirely up to you and your personal preference.

Do not email any developers directly with support requests, unless you plan to pay the developer for support. We have gone to great lengths to offer numerous options for obtaining support, in an attempt to satisfy the vast majority of users. Answering questions publicly means the answers are available to help others who might have that same inquiry in the future.


cvstrac is to be used only for bugs you have encountered. Do not use it to submit support requests.


Use the FAQ to either submit questions that you think would be well suited for the FAQ, or to submit proposed questions and answers for the FAQ. Again, do not use it to submit general support requests.

Introducing the pfSense Support Forum

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

By popular demand, we have introduced a web support forum. We’re still working on some finishing touches, but it’s good enough to go live.

We’re interested in feedback on what you would like to see on the forum that isn’t there already. Please use the feedback board on the forum.