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Time zone changes

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

For those of us in the US at least, this weekend was the old DST time change. We haven’t released an update to 1.0.1 to address this. The currently recommended version, 1.2-RC2 already has the appropriate time zones.

If you want to update the time zone info on 1.0.1, I have a file available that should work. From a shell, run the following commands. Only run the rc.conf_mount_rw if you’re running embedded. The second command line wraps, that all needs to be on one line.

# /etc/rc.conf_mount_rw
# fetch -o /tmp/zoneinfo.tgz
# cd /usr/share/
# tar zxvf /tmp/zoneinfo.tgz

Then go into the webGUI, choose your time zone again, and click Save. Your time should now be correct.

Hackathon wrap up

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Our third annual hackathon was a success, and a great time. We ended up focusing primarily on cleaning up the many new features that are already in our development branches, rather than adding many more new features. This leaves us in a better position to get out future releases.

Thanks again to the many of you who contributed to help cover our expenses!

More pictures to come.

Hacking at the Hackathon/Hacktoberfest

Friday, October 19th, 2007

So word spread around Scott’s neighborhood that he’s having a “hackathon”. One of his neighbors misinterpreted this and came over on Sunday griping at Scott about how we’re hacking their computer. And says “my boyfriend is turning off our wireless at night!” Heh…  Yes, their uber-secure wireless network, wide open with SSID “linksys”, and I would assume the default user/password on it. Of course we can only hack things at night, so they’re safe by unplugging it at night!  We haven’t even touched their wireless network of course, we’re all the law abiding type (and we have 4-5 of our own with MUCH better signal than one two houses down).

Then last night, this neighbor comes over again, with a spyware infested laptop, even changed the Windows background to a biohazard symbol, and accuses us of “hacking her computer”. Of course we hadn’t touched it, but to be nice Scott fixed it up. It had way more issues than spyware too, it was fully dismantled before all was said and done.

Picture of the week, courtesy of Bill Marquette. Seth is pictured, and it’s Holger’s arm in the background.

BGP package working

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Coming soon… a working BGP package for pfSense. We at the hackathon are behind a pair of pfSense BGP routers, periodically dumping one of the boxes, and everything continues seamlessly. Very nice.

Hackathon Under Way!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

We’re nearing the end of the fourth day of the hackathon already! Things are going well. We’ve spent the vast majority of the time preparing for 1.2 release and cleaning up our buggy development branch for future releases.

A BGP package is the only almost-finished new feature that has been implemented. More info on what we’ve been doing here in the cvstrac timeline.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the expenses for this event!

More to come later in the week.

Hackathon less than a week away!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

The third annual pfSense Hackathon starts this coming weekend through the following weekend, in Louisville, KY US. Two developers (Holger and Seth) will be coming in from Europe, as well as Bill from the Chicago area, Gary with Centipede Networks from Tulsa, and Scott and I who both live in Louisville.

For those not familiar with the term, Wikipedia has a good entry for hackathon. In short, it’s a time for us to get together and dedicate most of our time to improving pfSense and implementing new features. We’ve all taken vacation time from our day jobs to focus strictly on pfSense development during this time.

This is the longest hackathon yet, at 8 days from start to finish. We should be able to accomplish a lot during this time.

We have an ideas page with a list of things we may or may not work on during this time. If you know of something you’d like to see, email me and it may get added to the list (though that doesn’t mean it’ll be started or completed).

Thanks very much to the numerous people who have contributed towards the expenses of this event thus far! Donations are still needed, PayPal can be sent to, or email me for alternate means of payment.

1.2 status update

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

As we get closer to the 1.2 final release, more and more people are using the RC releases, and hence more atypical environments are deployed where bugs are discovered. We’re working on fixing the last few things, at which point another release candidate will come out. From there, the final release depends on the issues people discover and how long it takes to fix them.

As always,  no dates or time lines are known.

Forum exceeds 4000 registered users

Friday, September 21st, 2007

This week the forum exceeded 4000 registered users! Wow! The average registrations per day continues to increase, now at nearly 6 new users every day.

On another forum note, tonight I locked every post last updated before 2007-01-01. There are a lot of people who find a very old thread on a pre-1.0 version and post to it thinking they’re having the same issue with 1.2. That’s yet to be the case, and it just ends up as a hijacked thread. This will hopefully keep the boards cleaner. If you think you’re seeing something similar to an older thread you found, post a link to it in your post. It’s almost certainly not the same, which is why I did this.

pfSense supports next generation of embedded hardware

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

We now have been able to test pfSense on the new Soekris 55xx boards and the PC Engines ALIX boards and both hardware platforms are supported from now on by the latest snapshots. For now you will have to manually assign the NICs from the console port as both platforms now use vr NICs instead of the sis NICs the old Soekris 48xx and PC Engines WRAP used. This might change if we decide to add some kind of hardware detection when these systems come up with factory defaults to make them run out of the box again without interface assignment.

If you have one of these boards make sure to fetch a build from the snapshot server instead of using the original 1.2RC2 embedded image as we needed to add some modifications for the ALIX boards.

The ALIX for development was kindly provided by Pascal Dornier from PC Engines as donation. If you are interested in buying one please monitor the pcengines homepage for availability. The beta run for this hardware has just started but they should be available soon at prices similar to the WRAP boards.

Rural user fuses EDGE and HughsNet with pfSense

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

From Broadband Reports, a story of a user utilizing pfSense’s multi-WAN and policy routing capabilities to make the most of his connections.

Note that right now you need some device terminating EDGE and outputting Ethernet to use it with pfSense. That will hopefully change by the end of the year.

Update on 1.2 release status to come later this week.