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1.2 Release Candidate 1 released!

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

1.2-RC1 has been released! Here are just a few of the new improvements and features that have made their way into this new version:

New features/improvements present in 1.2-RC1:

  • Many IPSEC improvements when you have more than 40+ IPSEC tunnels
  • RRD Queues Graphing fixes
  • DNS Forwarder (DNS Masq) has been updated to version 2.39
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GRUB now default boot loader

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

If you have installed 1.2 beta 2, you have likely noticed GRUB is now used as the boot loader rather than the stock FreeBSD boot loader. Though I’ve seen it a number of times now, this still looks odd to me. :)

This eliminates a number of problems caused by bugs or limitations in FreeBSD’s boot loader that numerous users have run into, primarily with some SATA drives and any device that wants real mode BIOS system functions.

New Documentation Site Online

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

The old spam-plagued site has been replaced with a fresh, clean, locked down install. Most of the old content has been moved over, though we’re still working on moving a few of the pages off the old site. The new site also contains some new content.

The old site can still be found for the time being at If you know of something there that isn’t yet moved over to the new site, please email me.

Since the number of contributors to the old site was relatively small, and dealing with spammers was a constant and time consuming battle, we’ve completely disabled user registrations and only allow logged in users to edit pages. But that’s not to say we discouraging people from contributing! If you would like an account on the new site, please email me with your desired user name and I will create one for you.

Announcing pfSense Commercial Support

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

BSD Perimeter, a company founded by Scott Ullrich and me, the founders of pfSense, has officially opened for business today providing commercial support for both pfSense and m0n0wall. You can purchase online via

The project will not change in any way. It still is, and will remain, a free open source project. This endeavor is a means to cover project expenses, and we hope eventually it will bring in enough to support full time developers on the open source side.

This is a great opportunity for our users, as it ensures timely access to qualified individuals for your support needs.

1.2-BETA-2 released!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

1.2-BETA-2 has been released! Here are just a few of the new improvements and features that have made their way into this new version:

  • Advanced outbound NAT fixes
  • UPNP now works on LiveCD
  • Misc log viewing fixes
  • Password field lengths now line up on nervecenter theme
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