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Something more elegant…

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Well, after there was not too much love for my last theme I tried to do something more masscompatible this time trying to take all the critics in consideration that I earned so far:

  • less colorful, stick with the original pfSense-colors (grey/red)
  • don’t waste too much space for the header/footer
  • kind of corporate look
  • static menu, that doesn’t scroll away (I guess that at least was something everybody liked about the hackathon theme)
  • more lightweight on graphics

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pfSense presentation from DCBSDCon now available on YouTube

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

My presentation from DCBSDCon is now available on YouTube. Network Perimeter Redundancy with pfSense

Hope it turned out decent, public speaking isn’t one of my strengths.

Lots of other content from DCBSDCon and other BSD conferences on the BSD Conferences YouTube channel for those interested. A couple in particular from DCBSDCon that I really enjoyed:

A Narrative History of BSD, Dr. Kirk McKusick

Network Security Monitoring with FreeBSD, by Richard Betjlich.

There were a number of other good ones too, check out the BSD Conferences channel for more.

1.2.3 RC1 now available!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

1.2.3-RC1 is now making its way to the mirrors. This is primarily a maintenance release on the 1.2.x series, bringing an updated FreeBSD 7.1 base, and a few bug fixes.

Change list

The primary changes are:

IPsec connection reloading improvements – When making changes to a single IPsec connection, or adding an IPsec connection, it no longer reloads all your IPsec connections. Only the changed connections are reloaded. That wasn’t a big deal in most environments, but in some it meant you couldn’t change anything in IPsec except during maintenance windows. This is being used in a critical production environment with 400 connections, and works well.
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Just 5 weeks until BSDCan

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Make your plans now to attend BSDCan 2009. The schedule is available, including a session on pfSense (more info here). Register now.