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FreeBSD PF updated to 4.5 for FreeBSD 9

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

As our commercial side has grown to the point we employ multiple full time people dedicated to working on the project and related customer needs, we’ve also gotten much more involved in upstream development in FreeBSD. Today Bjoern Zeeb committed PF 4.5 into FreeBSD HEAD for the 9 release (which will be the basis of pfSense 2.1), ported by Ermal Luci with help from Bjoern and Max Laier. Much of this work was funded by us, aside from volunteer efforts from Bjoern and Max providing some guidance along the way and Bjoern especially for review and assistance.

4.5 is the last version of PF before the syntax changed in OpenBSD, and the consensus amongst FreeBSD developers was to not break everyone’s ruleset who is running PF in stock FreeBSD just by doing an OS upgrade, hence why 4.5 was the version of choice.

Where does PF in FreeBSD go from here? We’ve had discussions on this topic already amongst several FreeBSD developers, as well as including some of the OpenBSD guys, and have some rough plans in place for the next steps. ┬áMore information on that will come later.

Thanks to Ermal, Bjoern and Max for getting this done!

2.0-RC3 now available!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I’m happy to announce what will likely be the final 2.0 release candidate, RC3, is now available. RC2 was a snapshots-only tag. The mirrors are currently syncing, with a few of them done already and the remaining will sync within the coming hours. If you’d like to view all the changes you can track the revision history in github. If you aren’t familiar with what’s been added and changed in 2.0 in general, see the 2.0 new features and changes page.

There are considerably fewer open issues on 2.0 right now than there were on 1.2.3 when it was released, and no major outstanding problems. 2.0 has gotten widespread use in production environments over the last year plus including in our most critical networks, and looks to be ready for release. We expect final release within a month, and consider RC3 the preferred release for all new installs.


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