pfSense at BSDCan 2007

BSDCan 2007 is coming up in May in Ottawa Canada, and pfSense will be presented again this year. This year’s presentation will be covering the available failover and load balancing functionality.

Frequent flier miles to spare, anyone?
Last year we ended up paying for our airfare out of pocket, partially covered by donations. After buying our tickets though, we had some free ticket offers from people with frequent flier miles. If you have frequent flier miles to spare that you could use to get tickets for Scott and/or myself, please email me ASAP. I’ll fill you in on any details you may need via email.

Inviting you to Attend
I’ve been to my fair share of conferences, some costing more than 10 times as much, and you absolutely can’t beat BSDCan at any price. This is a quality conference that’s extremely low cost. You’ll learn a lot, meet a lot of great people, and have a blast. You should seriously consider attending.

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