1.2 beta 1 pre-release snapshots available

The 1.2 beta 1 release gets closer – pre-release snapshots are now available from:

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9 Responses to “1.2 beta 1 pre-release snapshots available”

  1. Franz Says:

    Thanks for the this and will test the hell our of it.

  2. Ezhar Says:

    Cool, but what’s new? Can you give us some highlights?

  3. Eric Says:

    Thank you for your work. Can’t wait to test it out.

  4. Apu Says:

    Good work! I hope to see the proxy working better on this release. It’s been a great ride with PFsense.

  5. James Says:

    Its 20070430 and when I try to download from the snapshot, it appears that the host is down…

    Can you email me when its up.
    james.gardiner a t crafted.com dot au

    Also, very interested in a list of changes/updates to this version.


  6. Chris Buechler Says:

    snapshots host is up, just that snapshots are not currently publicly available. I put up a page saying that to avoid confusion.

  7. daniel.soderholm Says:

    Is this because the 1.2 beta release is imminent, or is it the snapshot a closed release? When will a downloadable version be available?

    Oh, and thanks for pfSense 🙂 Miles better than the alternatives! Can’t wait to try 1.2.

  8. Nightwish Says:

    I could download the 1.2 Beta Full Update a few day ago..

  9. Paolo Says:

    is there any way to have a version of pfsense newer than the 1.0.1? I really need it…please..

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