Dashboard goodness coming in 1.3

Though 1.2 is the primary development focus right now, some work is still being done for future releases. One of the coolest changes, in my opinion, upcoming in 1.3 will be changing the front status page into a customizable dashboard.

This feature is still in its early stages, but here is a screenshot to give you an idea of what is being worked on. Aside from the SVG graphs, this is all AJAX so the information, log viewer, etc. all update dynamically without refreshing the entire page.

Click on the image for a full size screen.

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9 Responses to “Dashboard goodness coming in 1.3”

  1. Christoph Says:

    pfsense is developing into an impressive firewall. Thanks for your great work! Thanks also for this little dashboard preview. I would highly appreciate it if your blog was a little more active so I as the curious user am a little more informed about what’s going on without subscribing to the mailing list.

  2. Olle Says:

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to implement 🙂

    Great work, all of you! This is one of the greatest open source projects ever.

  3. Chris Buechler Says:

    I hope to keep this blog more frequently updated going forward to keep everyone abreast of the happenings with the project. Consider this the first of similar things to come regularly in the future.

  4. Jason Says:

    that looks wicked, is there any work being done on the traffic shaper?

  5. Olle Says:

    Thanks Chris!
    We appreciate that!

  6. newmember Says:


  7. Adrian Says:

    Very nice ! Keep up the blog updates ! 🙂


  8. Bottman Says:

    This looks impressive… my question is, can we export, or limit who sees the dashboard? If I was to deploy this at a hotel, would I be able to give the GM the ability to view the Dashboard, and nothing else? We can’t have our GM’s “Fixing” things themselves!

    Thanks in advance!

    Brendan Ottman

  9. Chris Buechler Says:

    Bottman: With 2.0, yes. With the package on 1.2.x, no.

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