pfSense at BSDCan 2007

BSDCan 2007 is happening this week. Scott and Chris will be presenting on pfSense load balancing and failover.

If any of you out there reading this will be in Ottawa please let us know. We have meet and greets planned in the residence at the University after the nightly social events. Please email us at if you will be around.

This is our third consecutive year attending BSDCan and it promises to be an excellent conference once again. If you can arrange a trip, it’s definitely worth while, and it’s extremely reasonably priced.

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2 Responses to “pfSense at BSDCan 2007”

  1. Anders Says:

    Good luck with the presentation and the trip. Will your presentation be recorded?

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    I’m not sure on the recording of presentations. It hasn’t been done in past years, but this year may be different. If it’s recorded and made available, we’ll post here linking to it.

    We’ll definitely make the slides available, but without the audio the slides alone won’t be of much value.

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