Choosing which version to run

The question of “which version should I run” has been coming up a lot lately. We suggest people upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.2b1 on numerous new installations because they run into bugs that have since been fixed. This is a good thing, 1.2b1 is actually the most bug-free release of pfSense ever. But it still does have some issues so it’s not ready for release yet.

For new installations, we recommend 1.2b1 at this time, unless you are using wireless. Some people seem to be seeing some regressions in the wireless in FreeBSD 6.2 that don’t exist in 6.1, which is what the 1.0 series is based on. We haven’t been able to replicate the problems, but several people have had issues.

For now, our recommendation for new installations is the current 1.2 beta release (1.2-BETA1 at the time of this writing), unless you’re using wireless with an internal wireless card then 1.0.1.

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4 Responses to “Choosing which version to run”

  1. Jason Says:

    Right now I’m running 1.01, should I upgrade or just do a new installation? If I upgrade, how exactly do I do this?

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Note this post was advice for new installs. If you’re running a setup with 1.0x and it works fine, leave it be until 1.2 release is out and we update our recommendations at that time.

    Personally, my production AP at home is still running a 1.0-RC version. 🙂 Everything I use on it is flawless, so I haven’t had the need to upgrade it yet.

    It sounds like yours is working fine, Jason, so I’d leave it be. Anybody else with the same question, please follow the advice above.


  3. Jason Says:

    thanks Chris, will wait for 1.2 then 🙂

  4. redbeard Says:

    I’ve been running 1.0.1 for a while with very few problems. The only thing I have a consistent issue with is my IPSEC tunnel to a Cisco ASA at my main office. I have to clear the SAs out sometimes because I can’t pass traffic anymore. I’ve upgraded to 1.2b1 and my IPSEC tunnel seems to be more stable. I’ve only been running it for about a week though.

    (BTW, I’m running embedded on a PC Engines WRAP box.)

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