Shop at the pfSense store

Hide your wallet, the pfSense store is alive. First mentioned in 2008, we’ve finally got it done.

(And you thought 2.1 took a long time.)

Shirts, stickers, pre-loaded USB sticks, and yes, even hardware are now available directly from the same team that brings you pfSense.

Along with pfSense Gold, this is one of the best ways to directly support the project.

To kick things off, we’re running a pre-order sale on shirts. $5.00 off until the end of the year.

(Note that the shipping department will not open until the very beginning of 2014.)

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13 Responses to “Shop at the pfSense store”

  1. Matthew Komar Says:

    The link to the store just links back to the blog. I’d like a shirt.

  2. Jared Dillard Says:

    Thanks Matt! I updated the post and the link is

  3. Dave Says:

    Link fixed in the article, but not on your home page.

  4. Jared Dillard Says:

    We will be launching a new site design soon and it will fix the blog sync issue with

  5. stephenw10 Says:

    Nice. 🙂
    Could you add a pfSense coffee mug? If that had been available a few weeks ago many people I know would have been receiving one tomorrow!
    My own suggestion is here:,50198.msg267456.html#msg267456


  6. Darren G Says:

    Awww man! No shipping to the UK for the T-Shirts?? What’s up with that! /sadface

  7. Jim Thompson Says:

    Personally, I’d love a coffee mug. (And yes, I’d seen the post. I nearly outed the store in response.)

    If we make one, it probably won’t be that large, as the coffee goes cold before I can drink it all.

    There is also the potential spillage issue.

    Also, we have a laser etcher in-house, so I might consider something we can mark, like an anodized aluminum tumbler/travel mug, rather than something printed.

  8. Joe Says:

    How about some Pfsense stickers that say WAN / LAN / LAN1 / LAN 2 / AP etc. So we can label up our boxes? It could be an a5 sheet with a bunch of them on.

  9. Jared Dillard Says:

    Darren, we should have it set up for international shipping soon. Make sure to check back later on.

  10. Chris Buechler Says:

    Darren: that was a mistake in the configuration of the store in not permitting orders from outside the US. That’s since been fixed, and we have gotten some orders from outside the US already, so you should be all good to order now. Thanks!

  11. Chris Bagnall Says:

    Kudos for producing 3XL versions of both shirts. Never ceases to amaze me how many places fail to appreciate the larger gentleman 🙂

  12. Jim Thompson Says:

    Dude, I typically wear a 2XL. Occasionally they don’t fit.

    We’re well aware. 🙂

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    […] Speaking of pfSense, they recently opened an online store […]

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