1.2-BETA-2 released!

1.2-BETA-2 has been released! Here are just a few of the new improvements and features that have made their way into this new version:

  • Advanced outbound NAT fixes
  • UPNP now works on LiveCD
  • Misc log viewing fixes
  • Password field lengths now line up on nervecenter theme
  • IPSEC now works correctly on CARP interfaces out of the box
  • Routed hosts behind a policy-routed segment can now reach the LAN interface correctly when the anti-lockout rule is enabled
  • pfSync and CARP now will work correctly on extremely restrictive rulesets
  • Captive portal images fixed
  • SLBD 100% utilization fixes
  • 64 megabyte memory improvements (works but not supported)
  • Misc packet capture fixes
  • Dashboard package added
  • Update static routes on filter reload
  • Miniupnpd version bump to 20070521
  • Turn off antispoof on bridges
  • NAT reflection timeout extended to 2000 which is roughly 33 minutes
  • use_rrd_gateway location fixes
  • Fixed advanced firewall rule tunables

And the features/fixes that where introduced in 1.2-BETA-1:

  • FreeBSD updated to 6.2
  • Reworked load balancing pools which allow for round robin or failover
  • miniupnpd has proven to work so well that it is now in the base install but deactivated by default (uninstall the miniupnpd package before upgrading to avoid duplicate menu items)
  • Much enhanced RRD graphs
  • Numerous Squid Package fixes
  • PPTP Server includes WINS server settings correctly now
  • General OpenVPN stability improvements
  • “Nervecenter” theme added as default
  • Status -> DHCP leases now 1500% faster
  • Captive portal now allows traffic to port 8000 and 8001 behind the scenes
  • Multiple miscellaneous pf rule fixes to prevent broken rulesets
  • DNS server with active failover will show up when 1.2 releases (Screen shot of test >here<.)
  • dnsmasq updated to 2.36
  • olsrd updated to 0.4.10
  • Alias line item descriptions backported from -HEAD
  • Enhanced cron handling backported from -HEAD
  • dhclient changes backported from FreeBSD 7
  • miniupnpd updated
  • Speed NAT apply page up 100%
  • PPPoE auto disconnect (for our German users)
  • Soekris/WRAP error light usage now when a problem or alert occurs
  • TCPDump interface
  • VLAN assign interface improvements
  • SLBD/load balancing ping times increased to a timeout of 2 seconds
  • Package infrastructure to safely sync package data between CARP nodes added
  • Miscellaneous DHCP Server OPT interface fixes
  • 1:1 NAT outgoing FTP fixes
  • OpenVPN stability fixes
  • Traffic shaper wizard now displays errors correctly
  • BandwidthD package added
  • Pinger framework improved
  • Dynamic filter log viewer added
  • IPSec filtering is now possible. You need to create rules before traffic will pass!!
  • Individual kill state feature back ported from HEAD on Diagnostics, Show States screen
  • Fix for DHCP Load balancing edge case where monitor IP’s would be mapped through the wrong gateway.
  • Option added to turn off TX and RX hardware checksums. We are finding more and more hardware that this feature just simply doesn’t work very well.
  • OpenVPN PPPoE fixes
  • Reload VLAN interfaces correctly after adding a new one
  • Multiple client OpenVPN fixes
  • PHP upgraded to 4.4.6
  • Synchronized captive portal with m0n0wall
  • CARP IP addresses can be used on IPSec VPN connections and multi-WAN IPSec now works correctly
  • config.xml stability improvements to drastically reduce chances of corruption
  • Packages auto-fix themselves if a problem arises in the installation
  • Lighttpd upgraded to 1.4.15
  • PPPoE server subnet fixes
  • OpenVPN outgoing bandwidth limits added
  • Firewall schedules feature added
  • Server load balancing pool page added
  • Multi-WAN NAT configuration now correct in non-Advanced Outbound NAT mode
  • Load balancing ping now uses fping

1.2-BETA-2 will appear at a mirror near you very soon. Please let us know what you think on the forum or mailing list.

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7 Responses to “1.2-BETA-2 released!”

  1. Hoss Says:

    you ought to have mirrors before you make a release

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    Mirrors sync at random times, some more frequently than others. We don’t want it to pop up on some mirrors before announcing it, hence the release announcements will come before all the mirrors have the files.

  3. Stratos Says:

    Are the wireless issues solved or we are doomed to 1.0.1 ?

  4. Marcio Says:

    As I make to bring up to date the pfsense. I am using 1.2-BETA would like to bring up to date for 1.2-BETA. It can help me? already pfSense-*.tgz of the 1.2-BETA version exists one

  5. Chris Buechler Says:

    The wireless issues seem to be a FreeBSD 6.2 problem. We may have a different resolution for that in a future version, but 1.2b2 most likely still has wireless issues.

    To upgrade to 1.2b2, download pfSense-Full-And-Embedded-Update-1.2-BETA-2.tgz from the updates link on the download page on the website, and use the Firmware page in the GUI to upload it.

  6. Patrick Says:

    How can I upgrade my disk-based FX5620 1.0.1 without the pain attaching a CD-ROM to the device again? 🙁

  7. Andrey Says:

    it’d be really nice to have an option to upgraded pfsense from the web (proving the link). I know there is such option in pfsense console but there is nothing in web GUI
    or I’ve missed something?

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