February Hang Out this Friday, February 21

Our February Hang Out for Support and Gold subscribers will be this Friday, February 21, at 13:00 US Central time. You’ll find the link and other information under “February 2014 Hang Out” after logging in to the members area.

We’re going to discuss VPN options and where each is most appropriate, then continue on to an introduction to IPsec. There will be some time for questions at the end.

Also, mark your calendars for March 21 at the same time for next month’s session.

Here is a preview of the hangout:

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14 Responses to “February Hang Out this Friday, February 21”

  1. steve Says:

    Looking forward to it.
    Can I ask if you’re going to be using Fuze again?


  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    Yeah we will be using Fuze again. It seemed to work well for most everyone. It doesn’t have sound support on Linux, so some Linux users had to call in. A couple Windows users reportedly didn’t have sound, but that seemingly was because they didn’t have sound enabled in the meeting. A number of people joined from iOS or Android, and didn’t hear any issues from them.

  3. steve Says:

    Exactly. Importantly the webclient doesn’t have sound either so you need to be running the native client for your OS. The Linux client was completely broken when I tried to use it last month, most recent version for Ubuntu was for 12.04 but did install on 13.10 after a tweak yet could not find the meeting and, as you say, has no sound support.
    The Android client worked perfectly but hard to see the screen shots on a 4″ display!
    This month I shall be ready with a Windows box so I don’t miss the first hour trying to Xubuntu to play nicely. 🙂

  4. GOB Says:

    Thanks for last month’s informative hangout. Unfortunately I can’t make this month’s live cast so I wondered if I could pose a vpn query now for your consideration?
    I am keen to ditch PPTP and use openvpn for remote workers to access a central site but then have them access resources on remote sites via site to site IPSEC tunnels. The IPSEC tunnels and openVPN connections work fine but I can’t work out the link between.


  5. BillM Says:

    New subscriber here. Where should we send recommendations & suggestions regarding the Hangout?

  6. Chris Buechler Says:

    BillM: We welcome recommendations and suggestions via email to gold at pfsense dot org.

  7. Chris Buechler Says:

    GOB: Check out the recording afterwards, I built in that exact scenario in my demo network to explain that common question. I’ll walk through making that work.

    edit: specifically, the part where I talk about CIDR summarization, or using additional phase 2 entries.

  8. BillM Says:

    “BillM: We welcome recommendations and suggestions via email to .”

    It’s a secret? Or was that a clever way of telling me to post them here?

    Looking forward to today’s Hangout, but I can’t watch it live since Canada is playing the Americans in Olympic men’s hockey.

  9. Jared Dillard Says:

    BillM: Not sure why it is missing, it is gold-at-pfsense-dot-org

  10. Chris Buechler Says:

    Oops, I put characters around the email address that WordPress didn’t like and it hid the email. Thanks Jared for fixing.

  11. Trond Vindenes Says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to join the hangout. When will the recording be made available?


  12. steve Says:

    Just as a follow up everything went smoothly this month though I did have to boot into (gasp) Vista. I now see that in fact Fuzebox have a new Linux client out, an RC at this point but it’s reported to work well. It supports VoIP. It’s 64bit only. Hopefully the last time Vista darkens my desktop!


  13. Chris Buechler Says:

    The recording and slides are up now, you’ll see the link after logging in at https://portal.pfsense.org/members/

  14. Marc Says:

    Fuze on iOS 7 worked pretty well until I fell asleep.
    Not b/c of content but it’s verry late in CET.

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