March Hang Out Today – Squid and Squidguard

Our March 2014 hang out is this afternoon at 13:00 US Central time. This month, Jim Pingle is presenting on Squid and Squidguard, the winner of the poll on the forum where the community voted on the next topic. Gold subscribers can find the link after logging into the members area, as usual. The recording and slides will be available for subscribers within a couple hours of the meeting’s completion, along with a fun sample page Jim’s put together.

Mark your calendars for April 18 at the same time for next month’s session.

Here is a preview of the hangout:

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6 Responses to “March Hang Out Today – Squid and Squidguard”

  1. Usman Says:

    please tell us how can we block some of https sites

  2. GOB Says:

    Any idea when March’s hangout will be available for download?


  3. mwtech Says:

    When might the hangout from 3/21 be posted online for support subscribers to download?

    thanks for all you do guys!

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    The files are all available now for members after logging in at

    Sorry it took a few days, there was a problem of some sort in Fuze with being able to export the meeting. They got it fixed today and I was able to export and upload the recording.

  5. stevegingercat Says:

    Hay is it just me or does the sound drop out at 00:20:24 ? fast forwarding – I get no sound from that point!

  6. Chris Buechler Says:

    Steve: Not just you. The recording being uploaded took several days because we couldn’t export it from Fuze at all. Then we could export it, but found that the sound cut off after that point. Fuze support has escalated the issue and is trying to fix it. If they can’t recover the audio, we’ll re-record the audio and upload a fixed video. Sorry for the trouble. The recording exports worked so nicely in testing and for the first couple hang outs, this time not so much. Sorry for the trouble, we’ll get it fixed one way or another, giving Fuze support a little more time to hopefully fix it before we re-record the missing audio.

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