2.1.3 RELEASE Now Available

pfSense release 2.1.3 follows very shortly after pfSense release 2.1.2. pfSense 2.1.3 is primarily a security release.

Security Fixes

Although these security issues warrant upgrading in your next maintenance window, they aren’t applicable to our default configuration and won’t impact the average user. According to the FreeBSD SA, the TCP flaw is mitigated by scrub in pf, which is enabled by default in pfSense. The OpenSSL flaw is not used by any daemons in the pfSense base system and only certain packages make use of the affected feature, so the impact there is also minimal.

Packages also have their own independent fixes and need updating. During the firmware update process the packages will be properly reinstalled. If this fails for any reason, uninstall and then reinstall packages to ensure that the latest version of the binaries is in use.

Other Fixes

  • Various fixes to accommodate recent changes/optimizations in the tools repository
  • Move clog binary to its proper place in /usr/local/ to respect hier(7)
  • Fix remove button on Diagnostics > Tables #3627
  • Fix more potential places for interface looping in OpenVPN and with normal interfaces
  • Fixes for URL table alias updates (locking, reload)
  • Fix IPsec Phase 1 duplication
  • Fix ‘add rule on top of the list’ allowing after param to be -1
  • Correct Captive Portal redirection URL to unbreak ones passed through Radius attributes and repsect user choices.
  • Make miniupnpd listen on interface instead of IP
  • Don’t refuse to delete a bridge in the GUI just because its bridge interface doesn’t exist, just log that it doesn’t exist and don’t attempt to ifconfig destroy it, delete it from config
  • Fixes for DynDNS to allow configurable check host.
  • Resolver has no option for remote syslog, remove wrong copy/paste that was adding it when apinger was enabled
  • Fix typo for GIF tunnels to work over IPv6
  • Fix for dhcrelay target using default GW
  • List Gateway Groups in Interface to send update from for custom DynDNS entries

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24 Responses to “2.1.3 RELEASE Now Available”

  1. nimamhd Says:

    Well Done Team, it is really great when i see “Update available” in my dashboard with a lots of fixes 🙂

    Thank you.

  2. Stephan Wagner Says:

    You do a superb job. It is just fun to work with pfSense.

    Thanks, Stephan

  3. Rui Correia Says:

    Thanks a bunch guys 🙂
    I gotta ask my boss to go for a premium membership on pfsense.
    It’s the least I can do 😉

  4. Fernando Reyes Says:

    Thanks a lot guys, this is a trully a new milestone for pfSense.

  5. maurer Says:

    Thanks for this new release.
    I see there is no more 512mb nanobsd.
    Is it a mistake or no more support?

  6. andrea Says:

    Great work! Thanks!

  7. Lowerland Says:

    Always updating like a switch clock… flawless 🙂

    Thanks once again 🙂

  8. The Hirzler Says:

    thx for your hard work 🙂

  9. JC Says:

    Great job to everyone that works on pfSense releases. Nice to see updates often for security fixes. I’ve worked with many routers before, Cisco ASA, Juniper, Sonicwall, etc…and pfSense does everything the other ones do, its just easier and less of a headache and they actually release patches on time. Will be purchasing premium membership within the next couple weeks. Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Gary Says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the hard work on pfSense. I love the product.

  11. Jon Says:

    Thanks PFSense team.

  12. LinuxTracker Says:

    “Fix remove button on Diagnostics > Tables #3627”


  13. Alex Says:

    Good Job!

  14. Aldas Says:

    spot on guys, 2.1 feels so solid.

  15. Larrybert mahumot Says:

    I just wanted
    to say…. thanks for the hard work
    on pf-sense Group. it very helpful this software..over 300 users we register now!..I love this product..we hope this many features come….and we requesting to pfsense group…in the next version..you can add features like Bandwith monitoring using BARGraph, Total of Subscriber using Bargraph, every monitoring you have bargraph monitoring….

  16. Larrybert mahumot Says:

    we have 300 subscriber ONLINE nOW…, We have three Internet service provider.all of them is very satisfy Because of running pf sense…thats great team…thank you very much..

  17. Jann Heider Says:

    Thanks! Great work!

  18. vikram Says:

    Hi its a cool project, please do something about easy integration for antivirus with squid.

  19. ecattan Says:

    Great Job, I have been working with PFsense since version 1.2 and I still find new role for it every time. Have connected multi-branches over international and local networks. Used it as a proxy, router, applied limiters on bandwidth etc… it never failed me.
    Wanted to subscribe for premium but could not do it. Cannot access payments from my country Lebanon!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ecattan Says:

    I still have one wish…. an easy way to integrate https filtering with squid.

  21. boukherouf Says:

    je ne sais pas si cette version règle le filtrage https qui est le seul point faible de cette solution ?

  22. Ray Says:

    Can someone gives me one copy of x86-512mb-nanobsd-vga version for CF card?
    I cannot find it. Thanks!

  23. Jared Dillard Says:

    Ray, the embedded image is too large for a 512MB card now. You’ll have to upgrade to a larger card.

  24. smith sookkhi Says:

    Thank you

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