Announcing pfSense University

After months of preparation and high customer demand for official pfSense training, Electric Sheep Fencing, the company behind the pfSense project, is very excited to announce our new training initiative, pfSense University

Our first class, “pfSense Fundamentals and Practical Application” is a two-day event which will cover common usage scenarios, deployment considerations, step by step configuration guidance, and best practices. This course will also enhance your skills and abilities to install, configure and support pfSense in your environment. We have scheduled two sessions of this class – one in August and one in September.

To get more information about this class and to sign up, please see pfSense University!

Introductory price is $1999.00 per class, but use promotional code BBC425FF on the sign-up page for an instant $500 discount!

In addition to official pfSense training, attendees will receive a one-year subscription to pfSense Gold, a pfSense T-shirt, and an entry into a raffle to win a VK-T40E2.

Breakfast and a lunch buffet are provided both days.

Register quickly! Each class is limited to 20 participants!

Please send any questions to

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39 Responses to “Announcing pfSense University”

  1. Luiz Gustavo Says:

    Very nice !!!

    Congratulations to team Pfsense !

  2. Errol Samuels Says:

    Would you also considering allowing remote attendees to join the class via Video. I am sure there are many folks like myself in Europe and elsewhere that would love to do the class but unable to get to Texas for whatever reason.

  3. James Says:

    Please investigate offering this in an online, live based format so those of us who can’t justify the travel still have the opportunity to attend.

  4. imad Says:

    very nice project !

    Congrat’s to the team !

    and now , online class ? 🙂

  5. Dan Says:

    I’m also putting in my vote for online availability. I’d sign up in a heartbeat!

  6. Winet Says:

    I too would like to support the recommendation to provide these courses online.
    I m based in the Caribbean at this time and getting to Texas is going to be a little more than I can accommodate, but I would sure love to take the training and associated exams.

  7. stephenw10 Says:

    This is a big step, congrats!
    Unfortunately I can’t justify that sort of cost right now. Although Personally I have no problems coming to Austin (free accommodation) that would be offset by that fact I’d have to buy a new laptop capable of holding 8GB. 🙂
    Whilst I see the appeal of an online course of some type I also see that it’s no substitute for practical hands-on guided experience. I’d still be interested though.


  8. Toby Says:

    Another vote for online courses please as Australia is a long commute 🙂

  9. Guillermo Prado Says:

    I too would like to support the recommendation to provide these courses online.
    I m based in the south america at this time and getting to Texas is going to be a little more than I can accommodate, but I would sure love to take the training and associated exams.

  10. Jonatas Baldin Says:

    Congrats pfSense! It’s awesome that you guys are achieving more and more!

  11. Gary B Says:

    It is a proven fact that pfSense training makes you immediately more attractive to your gender of choice.

  12. Ryan Andres Says:

    I too would also like to see a online offering.

  13. lele Says:

    very good my only mistake is “i’m italian” and i can’t come to this training 🙁

  14. Edward Francisco Says:

    Count my vote for online training. I hope this will be included in your training plan for 2014.

    Congrats to PFSense.

  15. Manuel Atencia Says:

    Vote for OnLine courses!!
    Best regards.

  16. Jan Larsen Says:

    Yet another vote for online courses.

  17. Bas Ghielen Says:

    Any chance I can attend online? Hopefully the pfsense team can offer the courses online!

  18. Rick Klinge Says:

    I’m also putting in my vote for online training.

  19. Santiago Castellanos Says:

    I’ll love to see these courses online.
    I’m from Argentina and is really prohibitive to travel USA.

  20. Frank Pikelner Says:

    Another vote for an online course. The technical training would be open to a broader audience and enable higher class participation for each session. If I had the choice I would personally prefer a self-paces online training with optional exams.

  21. Fab F Says:

    One more vote for Online Courses.
    From France Austin is a bit too far….
    That said your program looks to be interesting.

  22. Paul Germon Says:

    Great idea, will there be on online option in the future?

    It’s a bit far for those of us in Canada to try and make that trip.

  23. Kroy Says:

    Another *Me2* here !!

    1. Instructor-lead classes are great, but travel is a huge issue for many of us (to USA, or simply to TX for that matter).

    2. Online training would be fantastic, and with all the visualization technologies kicking around, I really don’t see doing labs would be an issue for online courses.

  24. Dean Says:

    One more vote for publishing online classes. Also a good way to feel out what people want for face to face classes through a larger audience.

  25. Cameron Says:

    +1 for an online version.

  26. JP Says:

    +1 for online version or per-recorded version to purchase.

  27. Sterling Says:

    Please Consider Online Options!

  28. Michael Graves Says:

    Awesome! +1 for an online options. In fact, I’d be happy to help make that happen! That is, if such help would be welcomed.

  29. Steve Says:

    Yet Another Vote for Online options. Flying to Texas from Tokyo isn’t very convenient for.

  30. Matt Bodman Says:

    +1 for online. As much as I would LOVE to hang out in Austin!

  31. Tim Says:

    PFSense has been my boarder router/firewall for many years. Thank you Chris for putting this together. Unfortunately I am unable to make the trek to Austin.
    I would attend this class in a sec. if I could do it online, as long as I get a t shirt as well. It seems there are many of us that love and use PFSense that would benefit from an online offering.
    Thank you again for this increadable product.
    — Tim

  32. Reza.mnp Says:

    +1 for online training

  33. Dimitry Says:

    +1 for online training.
    Moscow, Russia.

  34. TooMeeK Says:

    Bo be clear: in my opinion it’s the best firewall/router platform ever developed!!!
    But for the training.. It’s simply too far for me 🙁
    We should try to connect our pF’s boxes with some kind of members-only VPN network..

  35. Felix.LA Says:

    Please and make provision for online training. I am in Ghana and will be happy to join

  36. Panagiotis A Says:

    +1 for online training.
    Theesaloniki, Greece

  37. Guillermo Dewey Says:

    signed up yesterday for the training,flight to san antonio tx then drive to austin .. not sure why but Austin flight are limited, at least from Monterrey Mexico.

    I haven’t got any confirmation. is it still up?

  38. Jared Dillard Says:


    Thanks for signing up and welcome to Austin! Training is up, if you log in to the portal where you signed up there is a training document that outlines the location, etc. If you have any questions email

    Look forward to meeting you,

  39. Elisa Carranza Says:

    I would like to know when there are registrations for 2017 and if there is an option to take the course online?

    Thank you very much

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