Hacking at the Hackathon/Hacktoberfest

So word spread around Scott’s neighborhood that he’s having a “hackathon”. One of his neighbors misinterpreted this and came over on Sunday griping at Scott about how we’re hacking their computer. And says “my boyfriend is turning off our wireless at night!” Heh…  Yes, their uber-secure wireless network, wide open with SSID “linksys”, and I would assume the default user/password on it. Of course we can only hack things at night, so they’re safe by unplugging it at night!  We haven’t even touched their wireless network of course, we’re all the law abiding type (and we have 4-5 of our own with MUCH better signal than one two houses down).

Then last night, this neighbor comes over again, with a spyware infested laptop, even changed the Windows background to a biohazard symbol, and accuses us of “hacking her computer”. Of course we hadn’t touched it, but to be nice Scott fixed it up. It had way more issues than spyware too, it was fully dismantled before all was said and done.

Picture of the week, courtesy of Bill Marquette. Seth is pictured, and it’s Holger’s arm in the background.

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6 Responses to “Hacking at the Hackathon/Hacktoberfest”

  1. Carlos Says:

    Guys I’m glad you are all having fun and I really aprecite all the work you are putting on makin pfsense the killer firewall it is even better.

  2. MuDvAyNe Says:

    Love the story about the neighbor….I know waaaay too many people just like that. They are the type that give the IT Dept where I work continuous headaches accussing us of “spying” and monitoring their computer without a shred of evidence. I bet they didn’t even say thank you for Scott fixing their computer. Paranoid type if you ask me. Let them keep worrying. Maybe it will even make them move away! 😛

  3. Jason Says:

    I work at a computer shop and I have seen that bio-hazard background on about 12 comps in the last 2 months lol. Looking like someone had dusty laptop fans… but, Keep up the good work guys, love the firewall. I run it both at home and also at work. Thanks again.

  4. Albert Says:

    Good work you all – its important to “maintain positive ties with the community” by fixing a computer or two.

  5. Rad! Says:

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  6. George Says:

    Wow…I just installed the dashboard beta….OMG…you guys are sick!!! I love this…. I just want to play with my PFSENSE all day long.

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