Interest in a pfSense training course?

We are considering proposing a tutorial at BSDCan 2008, and I want to gauge people’s interest in what Scott and I are currently discussing.

BSDCan offers 4 hour tutorials. We are considering putting together a 4 hour training course on pfSense, starting from an introduction and installation, and covering as much material as we possibly can in 4 hours. The tutorial cost in previous years was something like $50 USD, so even with travel expenses it’s still cheap. If we propose this and it’s accepted, it would be in May 2008 in Ottawa Canada.

Please leave a comment here or email me if you might be interested in attending this and/or have any suggestions on topics to be covered.

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22 Responses to “Interest in a pfSense training course?”

  1. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    i’m now in congo but next year i’ll be in UK but for sure i wont miss that 😉

  2. Christopher Iarocci Says:

    I’d be interested if it was closer to the east coast of the US as I’m in NY. How about a webcast of it for purchase later by people who can’t make it? That would be awesome.

  3. J.S. Says:

    I would certainly be interested. I would plan my travels to be in Ottawa then !

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    If we go forward with this, we’re also considering another session about a year from now in Louisville that would be a full day if there is adequate interest. Though it would also be more expensive because our expenses would be higher, BSDCan partially covers expenses with corporate sponsorships.

    Ottawa isn’t far from NY though, folks from NYC*BUG drive up every year. It’s about a 6 hour drive from NYC IIRC, possibly less depending on where you are in NY. Getting into Canada now requires a passport for US citizens, though that’s a pretty painless process if you don’t already have a passport.

    Scott and I have been to BSDCan 3 years in a row now and haven’t had any trouble getting through customs either way. We usually get some questions from the gear we carry (WRAP and Soekris boards, wireless gear, multiple laptops, etc.), but have never been delayed more than 5 minutes through customs.

  5. Paul Mansfield Says:

    I would be interested if there were sufficient notice, snag is whether I could get all my expenses paid from the UK to come to it.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    We’re in Toronto so Ottawa’s not far away at all. We’re interested.

  7. Mark J Crane Says:

    I’m interested in the BSDCan and/or the Kentucky training.

    It would be great to video record the training that way you could sell it as a DVD online.

  8. Terrell W. Harkness Says:

    I’m interested as well. I could do either BSDCAN or Kentucky. I agree with Mark, a DVD or online training would bee great too.

  9. Sherif Jitan Says:

    It would be great, I’m in Dallas and I’d consider it.
    If you can give us some hotels around the area that would be great also.

  10. Brian V Says:

    I’m interested in the Louisville course (CA won’t work at that time). FWIW, I’m using snapgear/fortinet gear at my offices, and pfsense at home for about 6 months.

    Was ‘gifted’ a juniper and cisco pix box on Christmas (must pick up still), so I’m hoping by the time your KY rolls around:

    A. I won’t be as wet behind the ears in regards to firewall tech

    B. I will have pfsense running in more core business roles on dedicated x86 boards (goodbye semi-useful support contracts!)

    Let us know!

  11. Ottawa person Says:

    Definitely will take this tutorial. I will buy a small footprint case and hardware (with Soekris or miniPCI style boards) to install pfsense on as well if you can get those to the conference to sell as part of the training materials for the tutorial 🙂


  12. Ryan Miller Says:

    I’m definitely interested in attending BSDCan if you guys are there! Ottawa’s not a bad ride from Boston at all.

  13. Glenn Eccard Says:

    I would be interested if it where held in KY. Canada would be a bit of a stretch.

  14. Mike Says:

    I’m in Mexico, definitely i’m interested and will be there attendingthe tutorial.

  15. Patrick OGrady Says:

    HI , im in Quebec. And i move currently on fiber to make a WISP around here. I touch pfsense a little bit few years ago. So more experience it’s required at this stage… So im in!

  16. gendrix Says:

    i am wishing it would be online training. its too far from asia…

  17. jigpe Says:

    Count me in. Online training would be cool. I can spend 8 hour a day (Monday to Friday ) 🙂 no problem with me

  18. pm26862 Says:

    Count me in. Online training would be cool. I can spend 4 hours any day (Monday to Friday ) no problem with me

  19. Michael T Says:

    On line would be great and i would be willing to pay for it. 4hrs would be a great start yet i too could spend hrs learning from the pros. LABS would also be a fun add in. I user vm ware a lot so i could have all kinds of networks and stuff set up.


  20. Chris Buechler Says:

    Michael: It will be coming soon, see:

  21. bavan Says:

    I am looking forward ….

  22. Elias Says:

    Any upcoming training for 2013 in California ?

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