So where is 1.2?

Sorry for the long delays. We have been working to make 1.2 the most fantastic release of pfSense yet. The delay has been caused by a number of very minor issues popping up but combined it has been enough to make us very cautious with this release.

Expect 1.2-RC4 sometime in the next couple of week and then we will test for a good week following up with the final release. So if all goes well, we should see 1.2 released around the 3rd week of January! Or even prior! Stay tuned…

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11 Responses to “So where is 1.2?”

  1. kchung Says:

    Hurray! I’ve been checking this blog almost everyday on status of 1.2 and finally there’s a release date!

  2. Stargazer Says:

    I guess an RSS Feed makes it easier, kchung 🙂
    Anyways – the pfSense box here does a good job and so do the guys here 🙂

  3. Jason Says:

    Keep up the good work guys! Can’t wait for 1.2

  4. Brian V Says:

    I’m looking forward to using 1.2 in more pfsense setups in 2008.

    Can anyone suggest a dedicated board/box with 4+ ports? 8?

    Good work!

  5. Filipe R. Fonseca Says:

    I’m happy with 1.2RC3 on a Soekris Engineering net5501 (std. case) + HP NC150T (

  6. bgbearcatfan Says:

    this will be the highlight of my january…

  7. hazim Says:

    Thank you very musch for you great work guys, im glad to hear that i will have the new ver soon, keep the great work ,,,

  8. Fred Stephani Says:

    Dude, PfSense is killer sweet!

    I am totally psyched for the release of 1.2, you all do a killer job on this software. As a reward for all the hard work i think you should all take $5 out of petty cash!

  9. Carl Says:

    Will 1.2 have Dashboard as defualt on LiveCD version?

  10. FBI01 Says:

    1.2RC3 works great! Only one interface appears with the HPNC150T, so thats the reason why it’ not in the compa ? Would be good for the final Rel : )

  11. Chris Buechler Says:

    Dashboard will remain a package for 1.2, so not available on the live CD.

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