1.2-RC4 Released!

The pfSense development team is happy to bring you the final release candidate in the 1.2 series! A summary of the changes since RC3 follows.

  • libc fix for security advisory FreeBSD-SA-08:02
  • Numerous text touch ups and typo corrections
  • Do not ping other end of IPsec connections on CARP backup hosts
  • Fix edit.php error when opening empty file
  • Math fix on throughput graph
  • Increase maximum alias count (99 to 299)
  • Captive portal locking improvements to fix issues in high load environments
  • IPsec stability fixes for large deployments (> 200 connections)
  • VLAN support for ALIX hardware
  • Boot time beep change for hardware like some embedded devices and VMware, where beeps were excessively long and annoying
  • Warn after VLAN creation that a reboot may be required (VLANs on some NICs don’t come up properly until after a reboot, and we know of no way to reliably detect when a reboot is required)
  • Forced page refreshes removed from all pages. This was problematic for very large log files, and annoying when reviewing logs.
  • Fix for display of wireless networks with a space in the SSID
  • Updated PHP version
  • Fix improper shifting of configuration items (DHCP, rules, NAT, etc.) when an OPT interface is removed
  • Updated pf.os for passive OS detection
  • Properly remove DynDNS cache after making changes to DynDNS configuration
  • PPPoE Server moved from VPN to Services menu to more appropriately reflect its purpose, as labeling it “VPN” is misleading

For a complete list of all changes, please see our cvstrac change log since the RC3 release.

An embedded upgrade file for RC4 will not been released.Unfortunately there are issues with embedded upgrade that we haven’t been able to resolve to date. At the end of the upgrade, numerous processes will signal 11 and some hardware will hang and not reboot. The upgrade files will be available from the snapshot server a couple hours from the time of this post, if you would like to try them and help us figure out this problem. Without some assistance and/or luck in the next week on getting this resolved, we may go ahead with the final 1.2 release without supporting embedded upgrades. The release is too good on full installs to keep holding back for this embedded upgrade issue, when 90% of our downloads are full installs.

1.2 Final Release
This will be the last 1.2 release candidate. The final 1.2 release will come before the end of the month.


You can find the files for RC4 on the mirrors.
Full Install Update
Embedded image and Live CD with Installer

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21 Responses to “1.2-RC4 Released!”

  1. Brian G Says:

    Way to go guys! i will have some fun tonight!

  2. mddubs Says:

    I hope the embedded image gets worked out. I really like using flash cards. I’ll try out the embedded version from the snapshot server and let you guys know if I have any problems.

  3. Sunny Says:

    Cheers guys!

  4. Adam G Says:

    I am also hoping the embedded can be worked out so I can convert a bunch of monowall systems over. How can I test the upgrade? Install 1.1 and then try to update to this 1.2 rc4?

  5. SK Says:

    Thank you so much guys! Looking forward to the 1.2 final release!

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  8. anonymous Says:

    can i upgrade 1.2rc2 system with this 1.2rc4 released file?

  9. PredatoryFern Says:

    \o/ Whoo hoo!

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  11. Jason Says:

    good work! can’t wait for the final version!

  12. Chris Buechler Says:

    The update files linked in the post will upgrade any 1.0.x and 1.2 full installation.

    You can test embedded upgrade by going from any installed embedded image and using the console upgrade to upgrade to any embedded upgrade file, like the pfSense-Embedded-Update-1.2-RC4.tgz from the snapshot server.

    It will signal 11 on numerous processes after the upgrade finishes, then either reboot and work properly, or hang in the middle of the sig11s and never reboot (but if you power cycle it comes back properly).

    If anyone sees anything on embedded upgrade other than those two known conditions that we can replicate, please post to the forum or mailing list. If you know of a solution to the above problem, or are highly experienced with FreeBSD and would like to assist us tracking it down, please email coreteam@pfsense.org.

  13. Vasile Vladescu Says:

    Thank you very much!

    One note: The l root dns server have new IP address, see http://blog.icann.org/?p=227

    Could you update the necessary file for tinydns?

  14. jan Says:

    After I saw the release news on Distrowatch, I upgraded one of my box from 1.2RC3 to 1.2RC4 via console, all went well! Great work guys! 🙂

  15. Olle Says:

    You’ve created an amazing piece of software and made the world a better place!

    Thank you guys – keep up the good work! :o)

  16. jay Says:

    start up and shutdown sound themes have changed. from ta ta ta da daa to ta dat . I like the old one 🙂

  17. Chris Buechler Says:

    The beep notes didn’t change, but the length of them did on systems with lower hz, mostly embedded and VMware.

    It was drawn out (each beep 4-5 seconds long) and really loud on VMware previously, which was the main driver for the change. (Read: I’m a VMware junkie and finally got fed up with the annoying loud long beeps and changed it. 🙂 )

  18. joe erl Says:

    yeah, here it is unfortunately without embedded version but anyway.
    already installed on a dell r200 poweredge-it works- starting the real testphase in the middle of this month. still great job

  19. roens Says:

    I just updated from rc3 (to rc4). Yay!

    But now it’s spewing READ_DMA errors. In spite of this it is routing.. and the webgui is reachable, yet slow.

    ad0: FAILURE – READ_DMA status=51 error=40

  20. Leviathan Says:

    Thanks guy Ill give this a try for the first time using pfSense. Looking forward to 1.2 but cant wait for it so installing RC4 now.

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