Looking for slogan suggestions

February 16th, 2008 by Chris Buechler

By popular demand, we’re working on putting up a Cafe Press store offering pfSense stickers, shirts, and possibly other items. We’re designing some options, and looking for fitting slogans or design suggestions.

Add a comment here with your thoughts, or email me if you prefer.

If we choose your suggestion for our store, we’ll send you the item(s) inspired by your selection gratis. Please make sure you leave a valid email address with your comment (it’s only visible to us admins) so we can get in contact with you if we choose your slogan.

1.2 coming in the next few days, we’re finishing up one last thing on it.

96 Responses to “Looking for slogan suggestions”

  1. BlackWand Says:


    Go Secure
    Go pfSense

    Or something along that line :-)

  2. Dirk Says:

    maybe something like: come to your (pf)senses, or, calm your (pf)senses,
    a bit wordplaying

  3. Shackattack Says:

    Now in my perfect english ;)


    Simple unspectacular – security made easy


    I´m realy looking forward for visiting the store.
    Seems like I dont have to steal cups at the
    University no more … ;)

  4. David Says:

    How about …..

    pfSense Sensible Security

    or …..

    pfSense Security Sensibility !!

  5. David Says:

    BTW … Looking forward to 1.2

    Great work !! EVERYONE !!

  6. David Says:

    or even ….

    pfSense > Security that makes sense !!

  7. Olle Says:

    pfSense – Security Done Right

    pfSense – Plain Common Sense

    pfSense – Senses what’s right and what’s not

    pfSense – Because your time is valuable

    pfSense – Because security matters

    pfSense – Once you go pfsense, you will want to stick with it’s common sense.

    pfSense – Protect what matters.

    pfSense – Because your family deserves it.

    pfSense – Responsible, Secure and Sensible.

    pfSense – Your sixth sense.

    pfSense – Yo moma.

  8. Olle Says:

    By the way,

    I also vote for a new layout (including logo). m0n0wall is, for example, so much nicer to look at. It’s more clean, somehow.

    Except from that side note…. I’d like to thank all of you for the best firewall (and open source project) I have ever come across!

    Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for 1.2!


  9. dan Says:

    I also agree that m0n0wall has a cleaner look – the pfsense “three bullet hole” logo does not look good. The actual product rocks though!!!!

  10. Flemming Says:

    PfSense 1.2 – I witnessed the birth, and all I got was this lousy mug (T-shirt/mousepad/pen/the list goes on)

  11. David Says:

    How about

    Make Sense out of PF.

  12. Chris Buechler Says:

    If you don’t like the logo, we welcome you to design an alternate and submit it to coreteam@pfsense.org. We aren’t graphic design people. :)

    Thanks for the submissions, keep ‘em coming.

  13. Curtis LaMasters Says:

    pfSense – You don’t know who your messing with.
    pfSense – Because it’s better.
    pfSense – Built BSD Tough ;Ford :)
    pfSense – Sleep Better at Night
    pfSense – PF Done Right
    pfSense – Security Done Right + 1 Vote
    pfSense – Pretty Frikkin Sweet
    pfSense – Hard at Work
    pfSense – Secure By Default

  14. Rob Says:

    Pfsense Is a Super Spectacular OFFering. Or P.I.S.S.O.F.F.

  15. Thomas Says:

    pfSense – when everything else just doesn’t (make sense)

  16. cedric Says:

    pfSense – Your Sense of Security

  17. Wallace Says:

    “you’re dropped by pfSense”
    “you’re blocked by pfSense”
    “you’re allowed by pfSense”

  18. Ameir Abdeldayem Says:

    Here are some off the top of my head:

    Security makes sense when you use pfSense.
    Making sense of security.
    Enterprise security with infinite sensibility.

  19. Wallace Tan Says:

    “you’re dropped by pfSense”
    “you’re blocked by pfSense”
    “you’re allowed by pfSense”

  20. Wallace Tan Says:

    “security sense


  21. Dragosbm Says:

    “pfSense – Feels every bit” or
    “pfSense – Feels the bits”

    Lets pass only the clean bits
    Stops the fire at this wall

    or T-Shirts written with

    Stop ! Authenticate yourself! Here’s pfSense


  22. Dragosbm Says:

    Sorry, the last quote should be “Stop! Authenticate yourself! Here’s pfSense admin !” if it’s written on a T-Shirt :P

  23. Al Says:

    pfSense- Security & a half

  24. Mike Says:

    pfSense – sense the net
    pfSense – the sensible choice

  25. Michael Bedynski Says:

    how about this
    pfSense works, so you do not have to ;-)
    Simplicity, becomes secure with pf
    pfSense yourself !!
    stay pfSense-d, sleep well

  26. Mikronaut Says:

    Some inspiration for workin on:

    PfSense – Power On, Calm Down. That makes sense. Thats our sense.
    PfSense – Leave it alone. It has sense.

  27. FD Says:

    The firewall that makes (pf)sense!

  28. edmar6969 Says:

    my suggestions are:


  29. Jason J Ellingson Says:

    Filter, Route, Repeat… pfSense

  30. raurfang Says:

    pfSense – no nonsense

  31. Chris Says:

    packets, meet pfsense
    pfSense > may the force be with you.
    pfSense > use the force.
    pfSense > to the rescue.
    pfSense > the new superhero in town.
    pfSense > never feel insecure again.
    pfSense > make my day.
    pfSense > Go on punk, make my day.
    pfSense > always on duty.
    pfSense > impossible is no more.
    pfSense > think safe, be safe.
    pfSense > plays well with others.
    pfSense > trust no one.
    pfSense > rules are rules, how do you manage them?

  32. Oz Says:

    pfSense – plain f*cking Sense!

  33. Dmitry Sorokin Says:

    pfSense – because Cisco(TM) sucks!

  34. n/a Says:

    pfSense is a scalable, easy to configure yet flexible solution, built on a solid, secure foundation.

    pfSense – scalable yet flexible network security made simple
    pfSense – a simpler way to secure any network
    pfSense – scalable network security doesn’t have to be hard or inflexible
    pfSense – uncomplicated, scalable, flexible, secure

  35. rt_rex Says:

    You have mail ;)
    I sent you a big mail with a lot of slogan with some idea for the grafics .
    Didn’t want to post a comment that long

  36. Jason Hensler Says:

    PfSense: [P-F-sens] See Packeteater.

  37. razor2000 Says:

    pfsense – Get Connected and STAY Connected!

  38. Brian Says:

    pfSense – professional, free, secure

    pfSense – leveraging the hive mind

    pfSense – you never know who’s knocking

    pfSense – protecting your assets, funneling your traffic

    pfSense – providing open source it’s good name

    pfSense – give your IT guy a raise

    pfSense – eliminating expensive service contracts for X years

    -thats all for now. ;-)

  39. Dan Baxter Says:

    pfSense – are you fired up?
    pfSense – fire it up
    pfSense – fired up
    pfSense – always fired up

    pfSense – preventing fires
    pfSense – fire prevention

    pfSense is aware
    pfSense – always aware
    pfSense – self aware
    pfSense – sensors engaged

  40. Dan Baxter Says:

    pfSense fire-resistant freedom
    pfSense non-combustible

  41. PeeZee Says:

    In the style of those ms windows stickers you find on laptops:

    [pfSense logo]
    Designed for

    I’d definately order a few to stick on the front of my firewalls.

    I’ve been planning to install pfsense on a few written off watchguard fireboxes at the office here, those stickers would look great on those too :-)

  42. paul m Says:

    pfsense – freedom with security

  43. Paul Says:

    PfSense: Security made ease
    PfSense: Even my son can make my network secure!
    PfSense: Even my dad can make my network secure ;-)
    PfSense: Fun to play with, easy to use. Security was never that easy.
    PfSense: Professional features, low budget solutions

  44. Tim Says:

    Pfsense: Traffic you want – and nothing you don’t.

  45. Jonathan Puddle Says:

    PFsense. Like a rock.

  46. Gary@Centipede Says:

    pfSense – Firewalls are too important to leave to penguins
    pfSense – This isn’t your penguin’s firewall
    pfSense – Like Watchguard/PIX/Sonicall except it doesn’t suck
    pfSense – Network security, without the high-priced certification
    pfSense – Because security doesn’t have to be THAT hard
    pfSense – Because the best things in life ARE free

  47. Martin Says:

    pfSense guarding!

  48. Doug Says:

    *nix your security problems
    Be Pfsensible


    Pfsensible network protection


    Got Firewall?


    No firewall?
    That doesn’t make pfsense!

  49. Doug Says:

    One more

    Pfsense the Chewbacca to your Networks Han Solo

  50. stacy Says:

    pfSense – It just makes sense

  51. southman Says:

    when security matters, who you gonna call…..pfsense
    talk to the hand…..pfsense
    do you take the blue pill or the red pill…..pfsense

  52. kamus Says:

    pfsense – Like a charm..
    pfsense – a real web application solution

  53. David Says:

    Get Sensible
    Open Source Security that makes [P]er[F]ect Sense!

  54. David Says:

    or …

    pfSense – Get Sensible about your security!

    pfSense – Open Source Security that makes [p]er[f]ect Sense!

  55. Alfredo Says:

    pfsense make’s me sense
    make’s me Pfsense
    Watch all my senses
    Security Pfsensation

  56. Nico Says:

    pfsense : The Way It’s Meant To Be Secured

  57. Doug Says:

    Use pfsense luke.

  58. Dan Baxter Says:

    My personal fav so far:

    pfSense – secure your senses

  59. Dan Baxter Says:

    pfSense – sensor the insensible

  60. Dan Baxter Says:

    last one I promise

    pfSense – indispensable.
    or pfSense – indispensable security

  61. Daniel Says:

    Appears to be the mixture of what’s already here, but:

    Common pfSense for your network

    pfSense – we’re lazy too ;)

  62. Martin Says:

    pfSense stand fast!

  63. Liquid Says:

    What about:

    pfSense? …it make sense.

  64. Wallace Tan Says:

    I’m protected by pfSense,
    Are you?

  65. Wallace Tan Says:

    [v] Internet
    [v] pfSense
    [v] Security

    [v] = Checkbox

  66. jahonix Says:

    pfSense – perfect firewall for sensitive data
    pfSense – proposed for sensitive data

  67. Dave Says:

    Nobody suggested this yet:

    pfSense – Your bits are belong to us

  68. Mark J Crane Says:

    Got Internet? Get PFSense!
    Got Internet? Use PFSense!

    I laughed when I read the suggestions from Gary@Centipede.

  69. Nico Says:

    pfsense – The Power To Filter and Secure Ethernet NetworkS Efficiently

    pfsense – Make Sense into Your Network


  70. Oz Says:

    evil packet: “Who are you?”
    pfSense: “Sense….pfSense.”

  71. Mike Says:

    In a world of Penguins
    The right tool for the Jobs
    Puts the shutters on the Windows
    Vows to keep the Gates shut

    pfSense – our fork will keep them off your plate

  72. Wolfi Says:

    as a quote-variation from 6th sense:

    pfSense – I can see dead packets.

  73. Liquid Says:

    pfSense – Just do IT.

  74. Josh B Says:

    pfSensible is Indispensable
    pfSense : No packet should lack it
    pfSense : Without the D(efense), the others are just B.S.
    Got pFilter?

  75. Tom Holloway Says:

    pfSense – Cheap, fast, good.

  76. crosscut Says:

    discard nonsense, permit pfSense

  77. frank Says:


  78. jp Says:

    pfsense: the devil child
    pfsense: pitchfork power!
    pfsense: grab the bull by the horns
    pfsense: comPlete F***ing Sense!
    pfsense: Perfect F***ing Sense!
    pfsense: freedom to corporate security
    pfsense: can your box do this?
    pfsense: speaks for itself
    pfsense: consider yourself informed
    pfsense: ignorance is not an excuse anymore
    pfsense: leave more time for sex
    pfsense: required by none; perferred by most.
    pfsense: just try it
    pfsense: why not?
    pfsense: who’s got cheese?
    pfsense: simplicity at its best
    pfsense: anything else would just be ludicrous…

    Ok, I am out of them for now.

  79. jp Says:

    pfsense: have you been tested for BSD?

  80. Mike Says:

    pfSense – where do you want your packets to go today?
    pfSense – sense and sensitivity
    pfSense – scrutinizing, one packet at a time
    pfSense – You’ve Got Packet!
    pfSense – we taste their packets before you do…
    pfSense – say poof! to their packet nonsense!
    pfSense – p_rolific f_irewall S_ees e_ther-n_et s_ickness e_nd

    Geez…this never ends…

  81. Olle Says:

    pfSense – Because you’re worth it.

  82. Lewis Says:

    Here is a suggested slogan.

    Preferably Flexible and Securely Empowered Network that makes a complete Sense in all Enterprises.

    …pfSense, Delivering a complete solution.

  83. Lifeboy Says:

    pfSense …makes perfect sense.

  84. Adam Says:

    How about something like: “PFsense, worth its two sense”

  85. Chris Says:

    pfSense: mind your business
    pfSense: it looks as good as it tastes
    pfSense: there is no spoon

  86. ius Says:

    pfsense, secure never surrender
    pfsense, secure never die
    pfsense, go secure!!!
    go secure! go stable! go pfsense! go!

  87. spork Says:

    OK, stolen from my last naming success: :)

    PFSense: The Power to Protect
    PFSense: The Power to Defend
    PFSense: The Power to Secure

    And some random ideas:

    PFSense: Secure Now
    PFSense: Even an MCSE can figure it out
    PFSense: No Licensing, No Limits
    PFSense: Simply Powerful
    PFSense: Powerful Simplicity
    PFSense: From the basement to the boardroom
    PFSense: Think Security
    PFSense: Simple Security
    PFSense: Come for the price, stay for the features
    PFSense: Come for the price, stay for the security
    PFSense: The best expensive firewall that’s free
    PFSense: Fire up the edge
    PFSense: The firewall that fits

    Want more? :)

  88. Chris Buechler Says:

    You guys crack me up. Awesome stuff.

    Watch it spork, I’m a MCSE. :) That one does usually apply though. What came to mind when I read that is the “so easy a caveman could do it” commercials. s/caveman/MCSE/ :)

    Now we need to figure out how we’re going to narrow down this list and pick one/a few to use.

  89. Jason J Ellingson Says:

    My kids have a firewall. My office has pfSense.

  90. Scott Lambert Says:

    firewall |ˈfīrˌwôl|
    see http://www.pfsense.org/

  91. Olle Says:

    This will be the last one from me… I can almost promise that ;-)

    pfSense – It will make you proud

  92. Bill McGonigle Says:

    pfSense – Powerful. Easy. Secure.

    At least that’s how I sell it.

    I realize ‘Easy’ is a relative term, but by golly, I’m replacing PIXOS devices with it wherever I can and it’s night and day, especially for the guys who are a bit command-line phobic – they find it really empowering.

  93. robert r. Says:

    how about:

    Get some Sense into it – pfSense

    i would definitely buy that T-Shirt :D

  94. dustybin Says:

    SECURITY ..makes pfSense!

  95. Jeff Says:

    Don’t be an IDIOT, use IT ! PFSense
    What does make more sense that a PFSense box ?


  96. Jeff Says:

    Simple one: pfSense makes sense or pfSense – Just makes sense

    Not sure tho – I just like it – I like it alot

    Theme button to change themes or colors

    Combo of pfSense with FreeNAS – m0n0 wall – I know it can be done – I don’t know how, but I’m willing to try and learn.

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