What’s new in FreeBSD 7.0

Some of the things we have to look forward to in future pfSense releases.

The next pfSense release will be based on FreeBSD 7.0.

One of the biggest:

In general it can be said that the FreeBSD 7.0 TCP stack is three to five times faster (either in increased speed where not maxed out, or reduced CPU usage). It is no problem to fill either 1 Gb/s or 10 Gb/s links to the max.”

This means you’ll be able to get more throughput out of your existing hardware at that point, and extremely high throughput environments with 10 Gbps links will be possible.

The future looks bright! Kudos to the FreeBSD developers who make projects like pfSense successful with their efforts.

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14 Responses to “What’s new in FreeBSD 7.0”

  1. ejzhang Says:

    “So it will be a year or so.”
    It means we need wait it so long, 555~~~

  2. Mark J Crane Says:

    Great Job on PFSense 1.2.

    I know 1.3 is planned to have FreeBSD 6.3 but its too bad that it couldn’t be changed to FreeBSD7 since it has now been released and PFSense 1.3 is not even in alpha yet. FreeBSD 7 would be add a lot of value to PFsense 1.3 by itself. FreeBSD7 improvements not mentioned above: improved wireless support (802.11 declared stable, additional drivers for Ralink USB, Intel, and 900mhz cards support, better, roaming, background scanning. WPA is stable), huge improvements on SMP, and much more.


    Wireless changes see page 26-27

    What kind of encouragement and monetary support is needed to get this into PFSense 1.3? Or are there limitations that make it not possible to do this earlier?

  3. freebsd vps Says:

    That is pretty exciting, considering that FreeBSD’s TCPIP stack was already considerably faster than Linux and other operating systems.

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    We were under the impression 7.0 wouldn’t be considered a production release, since no .0 FreeBSD release ever has. It looks like it actually is classified as such. We’ll have a discussion amongst the developers on which version to use for the next major release. We want to get on 7.x as soon as possible, but not prior to it being widely used, tested, and proven stable.

    We won’t put out releases on FreeBSD versions not classified as production releases, and I assumed 7.0 wouldn’t be, which is the reason for my initial comment. The 1.3 release cycle will be much faster than 1.0 and 1.2 were, and we were assuming 7.x wouldn’t have a production release by the time 1.3 is in beta. That appears to be an incorrect assumption.

  5. Johan Hendriks Says:

    Well 7.0 is production ready if you may believe the freebsd website
    Also it states that 6.x will be Legacy releases.


    * Production Release 7.0
    * Production (Legacy) Release 6.3

    Just keep pfsense stable as it is now and i dont care if its running 6.x or 7.x
    I run 7.0 on my mailscanner, web and mailserver machines from the Beta’s and it never let me down.

  6. Chris Buechler Says:

    We’re trying out 1.3 on FreeBSD 7.0 to see how it goes. I’ll put up a new post here when we know more.

  7. Mark J Crane Says:

    I appreciate the effort in attempting PFSense 1.3 on FreeBSD 7. I look forward to additional news with great anticipation. Best Regards.

  8. Bill McGonigle Says:

    >We’re trying out 1.3 on FreeBSD 7.0 to see how it goes.

    That’s such excellent news. Major kudos, as always.

  9. mhab12 Says:

    Me too. I’m all for conservatism and stability, but it seems that FreeBSD 7 brings too much to the table to hang back on 6.3. Thanks for keeping an open mind guys.

  10. db Says:

    As mentioned FreeBSD 7.0 is a production release and it would be great to have FreeBSD 7 as the base of pfSense 1.3.
    However 7.0 is the first in line of a “new technology” branch, as 5.0 was and as 9.0 will be. So you should base 1.3 on 7-STABLE or 7.1

    Best regards

  11. db Says:

    Maybe RELENG_7_0 (this is not the 7.0 release) would be the best choise for the next pfSense release and not 7-STABLE.

    Best regards

  12. Johan Says:

    > Maybe RELENG_7_0 (this is not the 7.0 release)

    RELENG_7_0 is 7.0 + security patches
    RELENG_7_0_0 is 7.0 without patches
    RELENG_7 is 7-stable

  13. Nicholas Walker Says:

    It would be awesome if this was based off of upcoming releng_7 in May as that is when they want to merge xen support. I’d loved to be able to run pfsense in xen…

  14. Chris Buechler Says:

    We’re starting with RELENG_7_0 (which is 7.0 + any security patches that might come out in the future), we won’t put out releases on -STABLE branches (i.e. no RELENG_7).

    We’re also moving to PHP 5, and working on fixing the many things the switch from PHP 4 to 5 broke. PHP 4 isn’t going to receive security fixes that might be necessary for much longer.

    Still we should be testing a working pfSense 1.3/FreeBSD 7.0/PHP 5 setup in the next few days.

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