Server move this weekend

I’m migrating all the pfSense sites over to a new server this weekend. The main site and blog won’t experience any outages, but the forum will be down at times on Saturday.

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2 Responses to “Server move this weekend”

  1. Paul Cho Says:

    I am trying to install bandwidthd, but all I am getting is message below.

    Downloading package configuration file… done.
    Saving updated package information… done.
    Downloading bandwidthd and its dependencies… done.
    Checking for successful package installation… failed!

    Installation aborted.

    I’ve ssh into firewall and found following log.

    # cat /tmp/pkg_mgr_bandwidthd.log
    Beginning package installation.
    Downloading package configuration file…
    bandwidthd-2.0.1 Array
    [0] => tar: Error opening archive: Empty input file: Inappropriate file type or format
    [1] => pkg_add: tar extract of /tmp/apkg_bandwidthd-2.0.1.tbz failed!
    [2] => pkg_add: unable to extract table of contents file from ‘/tmp/apkg_bandwidthd-2.0.1.tbz’ – not a package?
    [3] => pkg_add: 1 package addition(s) failed

    Package WAS NOT installed properly.

    It seems like nothing is being downloaded. Perhaps, some pkg server outage or broken links to the package?

    my firewall info.
    ***firewall 1.2-RELEASE
    built on Sun Feb 24 17:13:15 EST 2008***

    Please, advise since I need this tool to find out who is running Torrent/P2P in corporate network sending 1.2Mbits clogging up my network.


  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    FreeBSD deleted all the 6.2 packages from their mirrors and we were relying on their servers to have those files available for download. We put up all the files we could find and changed the packages to pull from, but some are still broken as we couldn’t get all the required files.

    For the packages that are still broken, we’ll have to rebuild the packages ourselves and it’ll be this weekend before we have time for that. Going forward we’ll host all packages on our own servers to avoid breakage like this in the future.

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