USB CD-ROM support coming in next release

FreeBSD now has a fix for the long standing issue preventing installations using USB CD-ROMs from working properly! Thanks to John Baldwin for his efforts to fix this, and assisting Scott with getting this into our custom FreeBSD 7.0 builds. This isn’t available in FreeBSD 7.0, but our releases based on 7.0 should support this (though we haven’t tested it yet).

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4 Responses to “USB CD-ROM support coming in next release”

  1. rt_rex Says:

    Its good to know just to tell you i have made my instalation from a usb Cd-rom ,i have a Commell Mini-itx with no internal cd-rom .
    It has an option on the BIOS boot menu “USB CD-ROM”
    I think sometimes this could be more a motherboard problem then software.

  2. trendchiller Says:

    i never had any problems installing pfSense via USB-CD-Rom… but it’s good to know 🙂

  3. Chris Buechler Says:

    That’s strange, I’ve only heard of one person that’s ever worked for. I have a couple USB CD-ROMs that have never worked on any hardware I’ve tried, including several mini-ITX boards.

    It’s BIOS-specific I believe, FreeBSD’s BTX previously could not access real mode devices, which included virtually all USB CD-ROMs.

  4. Goulart Says:


    I never had any problems installing pfSense via USB-CD-rom too. I have tested it with various types of hardware. Thank you for this information.

    When we have a version based on FreeBSD 7.0?

    Best regards!

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