Couple nice write ups on pfSense

First a user from the forum who has replaced his Cisco PIX firewall with pfSense. This is far from the first person who has replaced a PIX with pfSense, we know of numerous others ranging from the small office PIX 501 to the enterprise class PIX 535. In most networks, pfSense can do everything the PIX can, and at a significantly lower cost even with commercial support.

Another person with a blog entry with a nice multi-WAN howto.

Write up something about pfSense on your site you would like to share? Email a link to us, we’d be glad to link it here.

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5 Responses to “Couple nice write ups on pfSense”

  1. jmbo Says:

    I have also replaced my PIX with 2 pfsense with carp !!!

  2. Curtis LaMasters Says:

    Work –

    Saved my company over $20k in support and hardware costs because we chose pfSense over Cisco for our hosted services network.

    I have 2 more active/passive failover setups in action with 1.2-RELEASE and I haven’t been happier. Just rock solid in and out all day long.

    Thanks for a great product.

  3. markus Says:

    I actually moved from pfsense to a cisco 851 router. This was only to help me learn cisco better and to work on getting my ccna, and hopefully my ccnp one day. That being said. I MISS PFSENSE! This router is missing a lot of the functionality, the performance (I can’t afford a cisco with more memory, etc…) and for the cost… (FREE!) This router OS cant be beat in my opinion. I’ve used smoothwall in the past, and it doesn’t come close to pfsense.
    You guys have done an amazing job in my opinion!

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    markus: I guess we can let that slide. 🙂 I like Cisco gear as well and work with it quite a bit. I first passed the CCNA about 8 years ago, and finished half the CCNP several years back. Looking to move to the CCIE within the next year.

    I use dynamips for much of my Cisco testing and experimentation, it’s a really nice emulator that runs actual IOS images (that you provide). It’s not like the various limited simulators out there, it’s equivalent to running a real router.

    Much of the knowledge you gain when learning Cisco gear is applicable across all network devices including pfSense. Every network professional is going to encounter Cisco devices, it’s important knowledge to have.

    Sometimes Cisco is a better fit, though in most environments pfSense offers equivalent functionality at a significantly reduced cost.

  5. Brian Says:

    we replaced FW-1 with PF-Sense.

    If it group fw-rules or use multiple aliases in single rule, then it would be perfect.

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