Using pfSense Video Tutorial (Portuguese)

Luiz Gustavo has made what appears to be a very nice pfSense video tutorial in Portuguese.

Vídeo Tutorial: Usando o PfSense (Parte 1)

Given I don’t know the first word of Portuguese, I’m not able to comment on the content, but glancing through the video it appears to be very well put together! It’s nice to see resources in languages other than English. This is truly a global project, with Google Analytics showing web site visits from 152 countries in the past two weeks alone, but we must rely on others to put out information in alternate languages.

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One Response to “Using pfSense Video Tutorial (Portuguese)”

  1. Wagner Sartori Junior Says:

    This video is very nice to introduce pfsense to the brazilian public. I’m using it since 2007 in some clients in Brazil. The video introduce how to do firewall rules, interfaces configuration among other things. Enjoy it.

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