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Most of the development time since the 1.2 release has been spent on the new features in 1.3, however an updated 1.2 release is also in the works.

Version 1.2.1 will be released this summer. It will use FreeBSD 6.3 as the base system, and incorporate fixes for a few issues discovered since the 1.2 release. No new features will ever be added to 1.2.x releases.

Version 1.3 is not yet publicly available. With BSDCan coming very soon, that has been more of a focus than testing and preparing the initial public 1.3 release. It may not be available until after BSDCan.

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9 Responses to “Development status update”

  1. David Says:

    It’s great to hear about 1.2.1; the hardware support in FreeBSD 6.2 is considerably behind the more modern FreeBSD 6.3. As I write, I’m building a pfSense RELENG_1_2_RELEASE ISO with some of the FreeBSD 6.3 changes in ata(4) back-ported to the FreeBSD 6.2 kernel in the hopes of being able to boot pfSense on an ICH9 based Dell PowerEdge R200. I would have built RELENG_1_2 based on FreeBSD RELENG_6_3, but I presumed that the lack of snapshots means that RELENG_1_2 is not yet ready for public consumption.

    Presumably 1.2.1 will use FreeBSD 6.3 ports for packages, which are much more up to date than the nearly one year old FreeBSD 6.2 packages.

    Hopefully you can include a fix for my ticket 1596 in 1.2.1 as well.

    Meanwhile, 1.3 sounds exciting – it will come when it’s ready. That said, the last paragraph of this entry doesn’t make a lot of sense. “With BSDCan coming very soon, that has been more of a focus…” – the “that” isn’t well defined. Do you mean initial public availability of 1.3, or something else?

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    “That” being our presentation at BSDCan.

    We don’t have any 6.x snapshot builds running right now, the snapshot server is now running 7.0. We will have 6.3/1.2.1 snapshots available prior to the release.

    There are 1.2 release with 6.3 base images available for full installs.

  3. Chris Uthe Says:

    Good to hear things keep moving, looking forward to a public beta of 1.3, keep up the solid work my friends!

  4. Bouke Oortwijn Says:

    Thanks for this link Chris
    I was waiting for the updated 1.2 version. It’s running fine on my brand new Dell R200 server.
    Can you tell me how stable this version is, because I desperately need my new Dell R200 in our production environment.
    Great job by the way and I’m looking forward for the 1.3 version!

  5. Romain Says:

    I would really want to test pfsense and I have a project to runs it in a Shuttle XPC G2. Unfortunatly, the onboard nic is a Marvell 88E8056 and it seems not supported in 6.2 like the FreeBSD 6.2 supported hardware list suggest. But the 6.3 hardware list have it ( so I have to question:
    – Is the 1.2.1 version of pfsense will have those new drivers with the 6.3 freebsd base?
    – Is there some howtos to manually update the iso image to include specifix drivers? Some users have tried to ( but could not make it work. Seems to me that it could be a good idea to have an article about that.
    Thanks anyway.

  6. Chris Buechler Says:

    Romain: 1.2.1 will have all the drivers in 6.3. You can already get a 1.2 release with a 6.3 base including that driver here:

  7. Chris Buechler Says:

    Bouke: the linked 1.2 images with a FreeBSD 6.3 base are identical to the pfSense 1.2 release other than the base OS. Any differences in stability will be differences in the stability of FreeBSD 6.2 and 6.3. There likely is no difference on the vast majority of hardware. Some hardware is more stable. Some could potentially be less, though I’m not aware of any such circumstances.

  8. Jesse Callaway Says:

    Thank you for the update! Good luck at Ottowa!

  9. Southman Says:

    Any update on the initial Alpha release of 1.3?

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