pfSense Developer Summit at BSDCan 2008 – Seeking Donations

We will be having a developer summit at BSDCan this year, as the first three contributors to the project – Scott Ullrich, Bill Marquette and yours truly – will all be in attendance. The three of us combined have more than 10 years of dedication to this project.

Plans for the Week

We plan to work on the open tickets on 1.2 so we can get 1.2.1-RC1 out. Several tickets have collected that we either know are problems and need to fix, or are potential problems we need to investigate. Once we get all those resolved, we’ll release 1.2.1-RC1 (which will only be bug fixes since 1.2 and be based on FreeBSD 6.3).

Bill is going to work on getting us converted from CVS to git for revision control, and bring online a significantly improved bug tracking and development tracking system. More on that in another post later.

We will also work on some 1.3 development while there. Likely candidates include OpenVPN, 3G wireless and PPP support, and any number of other things.

Seeking Donations

May 19, 2008 edit: Many thanks to those who contributed. We collected enough to meet our initial goal, and still have enough left over for pizza the next couple times Scott and I get together to work on pfSense. If you would still like to contribute to support our development efforts feel free to do so, the money is used to cover food and beverage expenses when developers gather to work on the pfSense project. Contents of the initial post follow.

We’re looking for contributions to cover our food and beverage expenses during this event. The community gets a lot of great work on pfSense, and we get fed. Similar developer get togethers have proven very fruitful over the past 3 years we have been holding them, and we look for this to be another successful week. Your support is much appreciated!

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5 Responses to “pfSense Developer Summit at BSDCan 2008 – Seeking Donations”

  1. Wasca Says:

    Slightly off topic, but it 1.3 planned for release in 2008 or 2009?

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    Way too early to tell, I’m not going to guess at this point. We’d like to stick with about 1 year between major stable releases.

    We’ll be looking at timing more closely over the next month or so and I’ll post a blog entry then.

  3. jacky Says:

    do you accept e-gold & ebullion ?

  4. Wasca Says:

    Will 1.2.1-RC1 be considered a version you could use in a production environment?

    I’m currently using 1.2 Stable in a production environment and would really love to see the next version I can use in this environment with PPPoE on all optional interfaces.


  5. Chris Buechler Says:

    jacky: No, sorry. Not familiar with that service other than the reputation it has as a haven for illegal money transfers (not accusing you personally of anything), so I won’t use it.

    Wasca: 1.2.1-RC1 should be production-quality, it won’t have all that many changes and no really significant changes, just bug fixes and updated to FreeBSD 6.3. If you want to be really conservative, wait for the second RC (if there even is one) or final release. The changes will be thoroughly tested before the first RC is available, and snapshots will also be publicly available before then.

Please don’t post technical questions or off-topic comments. It is far more likely that your questions and concerns will be addressed effectively through one of our support channels.

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