pfSense 2.3-RELEASE Now Available!

We are happy to announce the release of pfSense® software version 2.3!

The most significant changes in this release are a rewrite of the webGUI utilizing Bootstrap, and the underlying system, including the base system and kernel, being converted entirely to FreeBSD pkg. The pkg conversion enables us to update pieces of the system individually going forward, rather than the monolithic updates of the past.  The webGUI rewrite brings a new responsive look and feel to pfSense requiring a minimum of resizing or scrolling on  a wide range of devices from desktop to mobile phones.

For the highlights, check out the Features and Highlights video. Past blog posts have covered some of the changes, such as the performance improvements from tryforward, and the webGUI update.

The full list of changes is on the 2.3 New Features and Changes page.

To get to a release, we’ve closed 760 total tickets.  While the majority of these were related to the Bootstrap conversion, 137 are fixed bugs impacting 2.2.6 and earlier releases.

Upgrade Considerations

As always, you can upgrade from any prior version directly to 2.3. The Upgrade Guide covers everything you’ll need to know for upgrading in general.  There are a few areas where additional caution should be exercised with this upgrade.

For those upgrading from a 2.3 beta or RC version to final, please see this post.

Known Regressions

  • OpenVPN topology change – configuration upgrade code was intended to set upgraded OpenVPN servers to topology net30, rather than the new default of topology subnet. This is not working as intended in some cases, but has been fixed for 2.3.1. In the mean time, editing your OpenVPN server instance and setting the topology to “net30” there will accomplish the same thing and fix it.
  • IP aliases with CARP IP parent lose their parent interface association post-upgrade. Go to Firewall>Virtual IPs, edit the affected IP alias, pick the appropriate CARP IP parent, then save and apply changes. Make sure every virtual IP has something shown in the Interface column on firewall_virtual_ip.php.
  • IPsec IPComp does not work. This is disabled by default. Disable IPComp under VPN>IPsec, Advanced to work around if you’ve enabled IPComp. Bug 6167
  • IGMP Proxy does not work with VLAN interfaces. Bug 6099. This is a little-used component. If you’re not sure what it is, you’re not using it.

Any significant regressions discovered post-release will be added to this post.

Clear Browser Cache

Due to the many changes in the web interface, clearing your browser cache or doing a forced reload (shift+refresh) is a good idea after upgrading. If you see any cosmetic problems in the web interface post-upgrade, a stale browser cache is the likely reason.


The list of available packages in pfSense 2.3 has been significantly trimmed.  We have removed packages that have been deprecated upstream, no longer have an active maintainer, or were never stable. A few have yet to be converted for Bootstrap and may return if converted. See the 2.3 Removed Packages list for details.

pfSense software is Open Source

For those who wish to review the source code in full detail, the changes are all publicly available in three repositories on Github. 2.3-RELEASE is built from the RELENG_2_3_0 branch of each repository.

Main repository – the web GUI, back end configuration code, and build tools.
FreeBSD source – the source code, with patches of the FreeBSD 10.3 base.
FreeBSD ports – the FreeBSD ports used.


Downloads are available on the mirrors as usual.

Downloads for New Installs and Upgrades to Existing Systems – note it’s usually easier to just use the auto-update functionality, in which case you don’t need to download anything from here. Check the Firmware Updates page for details.

Supporting the Project

Our efforts are made possible by the support our customers and the community. You can support our efforts via one or more of the following.

  • pfSense Store –  official hardware, apparel and pre-loaded USB sticks direct from the source.  Our pre-installed appliances are the fast, easy way to get up and running with a fully-optimized system. All are now shipping with 2.3 release installed.
  • Gold subscription – Immediate access to past hang out recordings as well as the latest version of the book after logging in to the members area.
  • Commercial Support – Purchasing support from us provides you with direct access to the pfSense team.
  • Professional Services – For more involved and complex projects outside the scope of support, our most senior engineers are available under professional services.


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43 Responses to “pfSense 2.3-RELEASE Now Available!”

  1. Victor Coss Says:

    Great, lets just hope we can eventually shrink down that Removed Packages list…

  2. Derwood Says:

    Just upgraded from 2.2.6. Working great so far. The new RRD interface is slick.

  3. Darvin Zuch Says:

    PFSense continues to be the best enterprise edge platform available. Any business that thinks they can run on consumer grade Asus or DLink or Netgear firewalls is crazy when PFsense bundled with hardware from Netgate is available. We deploy piles of the PFSense SG2440 appliance and love it.

    My one request with PFSense has been to improve the awkward interface on mobile devices. Now with this major update to the ui, its more mobile friendly with potential for incremental improvements in future versions.

    Thanks for all your hard work team PFSense.

  4. Edmund Cramp Says:

    Upgraded a Netgate box from 2.2.6 – the new interface was a bit of a shock but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. The new layout seems to be double spaced and needs a lot more vertical space than before. I guess I need a bigger monitor – LOL. Aside for that, overall it looks nice.

  5. Thank You Says:

    Thank You Very Much and keep up the great job!

    Thank You

  6. Gautham B Says:

    Great job guys

  7. anhnnh Says:

    Very good.
    Thanks All.

  8. Arpan from Nepal Says:

    Pfsense gets eye-candy and more. Have been running a school on it. Not that the old GUI was much of an issue. But super slick anyway!
    Congratulations on the release.

  9. Predrag Says:

    Great! This is whath I expected from Pfsense. Thanks my friends. We need you 🙂

  10. Angelo Says:

    I’m using the IGMP Proxy with VLAN Interfaces. Will Bug 6099 be fixed in the next upcoming release?

    regards angelo

  11. Hafiz Rafiyev Says:

    Thank you again for your great job,
    Where is RRD graphs?

  12. Andrea Says:

    Very good Job! Thanks you

  13. Brendon Says:

    Thanks for the release and work done behind the scenes by everyone involved with pfSense

  14. yarick123 Says:

    Thank you very much for the great product and the great job!

  15. April Says:

    How does the new GUI interface impact certain packages (like the Asterisk, Zabbix packages etc. )?

  16. Tim Says:

    As always, thanks for another quality piece of software, invaluable and in use in many environments. Initial upgrades have gone smoothly with no issues. Waiting on a some sites due to ‘nut’ package not being available yet. Looking forward to it’s inclusion again.

  17. Robert C. Says:

    Looking forward to upgrading to 2.3! Unfortunately, I’m one of the rare users needing IGMP Proxy on a VLAN interface (for IPTV streaming). Hopefully that will get fixed so I can try this out. 🙂

  18. ubu_fan Says:

    Congrats, Great Job!
    Looking forward to upgrading soon. Just about getting ready to start testing on my test PfSense box. Interface looking slick in the Highlight Videos, keep up the good work we appreciate and love PfSense 🙂

  19. Tom Long II Says:

    I’ve used pfSense running as a VM in my home network for several years & made the move to 2.3 last night. As always the upgrade went flawlessly & everything was back up & running within three minutes! Last year I convinced my employer to make the switch from [a popular vendor whose name rhymes with disco] to pfSense for our routing & firewalling needs & we haven’t looked back! Being a nonprofit company with a limited budget the cost savings of pfSense have been a huge benefit for us & the product is far easier to manage than the traditional CLI-based devices we used to have. Thank you to everyone on the pfSense team!

  20. Nohan Says:

    Nice news! Thank you very much. We’ll certainly use this new version!

  21. Jared Dillard Says:

    Hafiz Rafiyev, check Status > Monitoring

  22. Hannes Says:

    Thank you guys for this perfect update of pfSense. It looks much more modern and the speed of the web interface is much better! And beside that a lot of good improvements. Great work!

  23. NimaMHD Says:

    Wow, Great Job Team

  24. Andy Says:

    I missing the TFTP Package. 🙁

  25. Vijay Nayani Says:

    Hello PFsense Team,

    Nice News, web ui is very rich and fast.. Really people is hero.. Keep it up.

  26. hamuod Says:

    great release but i see no option to restore aliases only?

    is it a bug?

  27. Vijay Nayani Says:

    Hello PFsense Team,
    OWsome PFsense,,,,,,,
    Nice News, web ui is very rich and fast.. Really PFsense team is hero.. Keep it up.

  28. muliadyamrose Says:

    I am still using version 2.1.5 and does the upgrade can be done nicely without problem?
    I am still using PPTP VPN though for our user, does this impact something to my config?
    …and also using others like Virtual IP, VLAN, MultiLAN interface, MultiWAN and PPoE with VLAN

    Thank you very much for such a hard work.. 🙂

  29. Chris Buechler Says:

    muliadyamrose: the PPTP Server is gone, so you will need to move on to another VPN type before upgrading, as it will be removed when you upgrade to 2.3.

    Otherwise, yes you can upgrade from 2.1.5 straight to 2.3. Make sure to uninstall all your packages first, then upgrade, then you can reinstall them after the upgrade.

  30. Chris Buechler Says:

    hamuod: Yes that is a bug. Fix merged for 2.3.1.

  31. Juanjo Amor Says:

    Sucesfully upgraded to 2.3! Great Job!

    Note: Captive portal pages now have mandatory hiddend field “zone”, value $PORTAL_ZONE$. This should be commented in upgrade notes, since a normal upgrade will break captive portal if this is not fixed.


  32. Astro Says:

    Hi Team

    Nice new Interface. A good thing would be to have colored arrow for WOL Widget on the dashboard.
    Green for alive and red for offline.
    Better would ba as option. Stay black for peaple like it. Colored for the others.
    Where should we post these suggestion? (If it is not already the case).

    Long life to PfSense!

  33. NENPL Says:

    Juanjo Amor: Thanks! Our captive portal stopped working after the upgrade. Your comment was very helpful.

    Otherwise, the new interface looks really nice.

  34. Jeff Wirth Says:

    Just upgraded, visually it looks really good!

  35. Vinzenz Mai Says:

    Juanjo Amor: Many thanks! I overlooked that bit in the sample code. As you stated, it should added to the release notes.

  36. Gregory Says:

    With pfSense 2.3, i think there are no other option to choose another firewall.
    Dashboard…just perfect and very customize…as an IT i want very much the customize 😛
    but guys, you must build an advance proxy server…unless you already have and i don’t know how to setup.

  37. Miro Maher Says:

    Thanks for your good work guys.
    I like the new GUI 🙂

    Regards, Miro

    ( after upgrade I do have IPsec problems, but that is a topic for the forum not here … )

  38. mrpsycho Says:

    any words about nginx, instead of lighttpd?

  39. Technigogo Says:

    I love you guys! No, seriously, I love you guys! pfSense is such an amazing piece of software. Every time I take on a new client that has a Cisco, ZyWALL, Sonicwall or any of the other overly complex for no reason firewalls, my love for pfSense grows. IMO, pfSense is the best performing, most logical and configurable firewall in the industry …and it’s free. SHOCKING!

    Great job pfSense!!!!!

  40. Jorge Barosa Says:

    Great job

    Thanks for all the team

  41. Daniele Says:

    Hi, I just upgraded and I no longer be able to monitor my PfSense install using nagios
    It seems that NRPE plugin is missing after install and I can’t find in the package list.
    Any idea?



  42. Jared Dillard Says:

    Daniele, it is back now thanks to one of our partner’s hard work:

  43. Everson Hipertrofia Says:

    thanks for sharing

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