pfSense Book Naming Contest

June 21st, 2008 by Chris Buechler

As some of you are aware, I’m writing a book on pfSense to be published by Reed Media. It’s been a work in progress for several months and will be completed in the next 5-6 weeks. After technical review and editing, that means it will be available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. around late August to early September.

I posted a work in progress table of contents to the mailing list.That’s just the top level, it drills down quite a bit from there. I’m estimating the final page count at roughly 300-400 pages.

There currently is no set title. Of the ones my editor Jeremy Reed and I have thought of, my favorite is The Definitive Guide to pfSense. I’m not set on anything though and am looking for suggestions from the community.

Leave a comment here with your ideas. I will send a complimentary signed copy of the book to the person who chooses the title that will be used, including shipping to anywhere in the world. Please leave a legit email address (it’s only visible to admins) so I can contact you. If we go with The Definitive Guide to pfSense, I will pick someone at random from those who leave comments here and send them the free copy. So if you like that title, feel free to leave a comment saying so.


111 Responses to “pfSense Book Naming Contest”

  1. Curtis LaMasters Says:

    pfSense, the alternative enterprise firewall or pfsense indepth

  2. Justin Morris Says:

    Very cool to see a book come out! I’ve been thinking of different names for a little while now and I tend to think what you came up with is pretty good.

  3. Cory Lievers Says:

    I agree that “The Definitive Guide…” sounds pretty great.
    Some other possibilities could include:
    - Saving Dollars and pfSense: Discovering the Open Source Firewall
    - Making Sense of pfSense
    - Understanding pfSense
    - pfSense: the Other Firewall
    - pfSense: the Open Source Firewall
    - Exploring pfSense
    - pfSense in Detail
    - All about pfSense
    - Working with pfSense
    - A Guide to Configuring pfSense
    - Using pfSense at Home or in the Workplace

    Good luck!

  4. Dominik Schips Says:

    Sounds very nice that a book about pfSense would be available soon.

    My suggestion: Building Internet Firewalls with pfSense

  5. bill Says:

    Just “pfSense”.
    Thanks again for this great product.

  6. tldstyl3 Says:

    First of all – Great idea

    400 pages? – Respect… I think I haven’t read that many pages combined my entire life, I can’t even begin to think what effort it would take to write them…

    My idea:

    pfSense – (don’t) give me your money

  7. Belthazar Says:

    The Networking World According To pfSense

  8. Perry Says:

    Cory made some nice suggestions, so I’m left with one title.

    pfSense A firewall with focus on your needs

    For a front/back pages there could be statements.

    - Should security be for everyone?
    - Ever mist a feature?

  9. Juve Says:

    Well done (as always) !! Nice to hear about an upcoming book on pfSense.

    Some of my thoughts:

    pfSense – THE ultimate how-to for network security hardening
    pfSense – As secure as open
    pfSense – Sysadmin’s ultimate security swissarmyknife


    pfSense – What else ? (c) G.Clooney
    In bed with pfSense

  10. Marco Gario Says:

    Wow, the t.o.c sounds interesting!

    I would suggest:

    - How to get the most from your pfSense Firewall
    - pfSense demystified

    Also because of what I read on the toc the book explains more general concept that are not pfSense specific… so:

    - How does a firewall works? Understanding pfSense.


  11. Peter Says:

    pfSense for Dummies and beyond…

  12. Mark Says:

    A book? Awesome! I can’t wait to buy a copy :)

    As for titles….

    pfSense Unleashed
    pfSense for Dummies
    pfSense – my firewall can beat up your firewall

  13. Adam Says:

    Free copy or not, i can’t wait for this book!
    The Definitive Guide…
    The Ultimate Guide..


    The official guide to PFSense (Because it will be)

  14. Adrian Hensler Says:

    I was going to suggest ‘Making Sense of pfSense’ but Cory Lievers beat me to it.

    Networking with pfSense (subtitle: Or: How to make a $199 PC a $5000 router)
    Sensible routing with pfSense
    Complete guide to PfSense
    Installing and Running pfSense

  15. edmar6969 Says:

    PFSENSE for Dummies! :)
    PFSENSE Firewall All-in-ONE Reference.
    PFSENSE 1.3 Firewalling Techniques.

  16. bl33ding-edge Says:

    What about: “Hitchhiker’s Guide To pfSense”

  17. Tom Hukins Says:

    I’d suggest “pfsense Makes Networking Easier” because it does. All the best for the book (and pfsense, of course).

  18. freetomfr Says:

    I’m french and i want to know if you are going to translate it to french; If not do you agree that I do it for free? I really want to learn on this fantastic open sources firewall and a traduction of a book like that could help me a lot!

  19. Chris Buechler Says:

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Keep ‘em coming. If you would like to +1 someone else’s response, feel free to do so.

    I’m also looking for a sub-title that can be somewhat longer, and give a more thorough description, so suggestions there are welcome as well.

    freetomfr: Good question, I’ll talk to my publisher about translations.

  20. Bryan Says:

    _p_er_f_ect _s_sense for your router/gateway/VPN needs

    pfSense … business-class routing from a cheap PC

    (characters enclosed by underscores in exaggerated type … i.e., styled so you get a visual impact of the word “pfSense”)

    … or maybe these are better as sub-title candidates or simply as “sound bytes”/slogans to help ensure an eye-catching cover.

  21. Mike Says:

    Sounds great! I’ll definitely be buying this seeing as it seems like a full-feature guide on using pfSense.

    My suggestions:
    -The Essential Guide to pfSense
    -pfSense – The Complete Guide – Make sense of your router!

  22. Johnny C Says:

    The Definitive Guide to pfSense: Open Security

    FreeBSD is in an amazing place right now and pfSense on top makes for an incredible deployment. I love the project and can’t wait for the book. The table of contents looks so legit.

    Does the multi wan section address the differences between 1.2 and 1.3 possible approaches to multi wan configuration?

  23. Francois Says:

    pfSense – Industrial strength firewall for everyone

  24. Chris Buechler Says:

    Johnny C: No, it won’t cover anything specific to 1.3 because so much is still up in the air with that release and still will be by the time it goes to press. Almost everything will still be applicable to 1.3, but there will not be in depth 1.3 coverage because it’s too early in its development cycle to know for sure what the final release is going to contain and how it will function. Updated information will be available in the future, once 1.3 is much closer to release than it is now.

  25. Belthazar Says:

    Packet Filtering – pfSense Style.

  26. Zoltan Beck Says:

    pfSense – The simplest way to an enterprise firewall

  27. Andrea Baldi Says:

    “Mastering PfSense”

  28. cheesyboofs Says:

    I like Bryan’s suggestion +1,

    Making PerFectSENSE

    Also if I +1 Bryan and he wins, do I get a book too? :o)

  29. fcspaul Says:

    Do you have pfSense?
    Common pfSense
    Get some pfSense
    pfSense Made Easy
    pfSense … Rethink Your Firewall
    pfSense … The Little Firewall That Could
    Help with pfSense
    Firewall on a Budget
    pfSense … Enterprise Class Firewall
    Enterprise Firewalls with pfSense
    Do you pfSense?
    How much pfSense does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    pfSense … The Missing Manual
    How about some pfSense?
    pfSense for the Enterprise
    Guide to understanding pfSense
    pfSense … Best of Breed Firewall
    Make friends with pfSense
    Firewalls on the cheap with pfSense
    Arm yourself with pfSense
    Protect yourself with pfSense
    Hide behind pfSense
    Got pfSense?
    Sold on pfSense
    pfSense … the sensible choice (for firewalls)

    When you need an enterprise firewall on a shrinking budget.
    When security matters.
    When your network needs the best.
    When only the best will do.
    Champagne firewall on a beer budget
    Protect your position with pfSense

  30. Will Says:

    Exciting news… I will definitely keep my eyes open for this book. Here are a few title suggestions that I came up with. For each, the main title is the first line, then the second line is the subtitle:

    The 60-Minute Firewall
    Secure Your Network on Your Lunch Hour With pfSense

    (Alternate form of above — I can’t decide which I like better.)
    pfSense: The 60-Minute Firewall
    Secure Your Network on Your Lunch Hour

    Firewall Simplicity
    Secure Your Business or Home Network With pfSense

    Making Sense of Firewalls
    A Simple Guide to Using pfSense

  31. ab Says:

    I think that “The Definitive Guide to pfSense” is the best, next i would say is “making sense of pfSense”

  32. Tim Nelson Says:

    How about “The pfSense Bible”? It has a minor air of mysticism as does pfSense at times… :-)

  33. Kevin Bowling Says:

    Can’t wait to buy the book! I agree, definitive guide is professional and to the point.

  34. Bruno Says:

    pfSense? Yeah!

  35. Matts Says:

    I should do:

    – pfSense -
    The Sense of Packet Filtering

  36. aaron Says:

    Titles like “Making Sense of pfSense” give the impression that it’s difficult to make sense without the book. I’d go with a title more like the suggestions pfSense – In-Depth and The Essential Guide to pfSense

  37. Mirko Labenda Says:

    p (erfect) f (irewall) sense

    Exactly written like this

  38. Gerard Says:

    pfSense – An open source solution for your routing and firewall needs

    pfSense – A small, yet feature-rich firewall and routing platform

    pfSense – Making sense of routing and firewalling

    pfSense – Firewalling and routing made easy

    pfSense – Demystifying setting up and administering routers and firewalls

    pfSense – Setting up your own firewall and router

    pfSense – Setting up and administering routers and firewalls.
    From home networks to large corporate networks

    pfSense – A powerful, flexible firewalling and routing platform

    pfSense – A powerful, flexible firewalling and routing platform. For home and business solutions

    pfSense – Routing and firewall solutions for home and business

  39. pfSense book naming contest | FreeBSD - the unknown Giant Says:

    [...] Buechler, one of the pfSense Core Team members, has been working for several months on a pfSense Handbook which will be completed in the next 5-6 weeks and for sale from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. [...]

  40. Eric Bechtold Says:

    pf It just makes sense

  41. Southman Says:

    pfSense – The complete authoritative guide. (So easy, a caveman could do it.)

  42. Brian Mills Says:

    My suggesionon a theme of security and a tweak on the Inside Out theme:

    pfsense: Inside Out and Outside Out


  43. Joseph brower Says:

    pfSense – The Art of the Firewall.

    The only problem I see with a “definitive guide” is that it won’t describe what pfSense is. If you can make a good enough tagline, then that would work.

  44. heavensrevenge Says:

    Sensible pfSense – _

  45. Bill McGonigle Says:

    Imagine I’m at Borders because I want to find out about firewalls. How does “pfSense: The Definitive Guide” do anything for me? I probably skip over the book entirely because I don’t know what pfSense is.

    Now, consider something along the lines of:

    Rapid Firewall Deployment with pfSense
    – A Free, Robust Firewall with Web Administration -

    That tells me it’s easy, I can do it, and it’s not going to cost me something besides the $40 you deserve for the book. :) OK, I’ll buy it.

  46. rt_rex Says:

    My suggestions:
    -Pfsense inside out .
    -Pfsense I/O
    -From 0 to Pfsense.
    -Pfsense red pages
    -Pfsense how to
    -Pfsense user guide
    -Pfsense deploy guide

    Keep up with the good work ;)

  47. 8foldway Says:

    The pfSense Way
    Becoming a pfSensei

  48. sullrich Says:

    Zero to hero with pfSense

  49. dragosbm Says:

    Very good idea with the writing of a book !
    We appreciate very much your work !

    My suggestions for the title of the book :

    pfSense : The Easy and Free Way to Give Value to Your Server
    pfSense : The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Firewall
    pfSense : How to Get the Most Out of Your Server
    How to Get the Most Out of Your Server – pfSense Explained

  50. Altug Says:

    man pfsense

  51. PredatoryFern Says:

    Unpacking pfSense: A Definitive Guide

    Networking’s Sixth Sense: pfSense
    -A Network Administrator’s Sixth Sense: pfSense
    -(some variation linking the sixth sense as pfSense pun)

    The 3 S’s Of pfSense: Security, Stability, Scalability

    Yeah, it was hard to keep fun and sarcasm out of these responses. Oh well. Hope you like them or they inspire something better.

  52. mark Says:

    Sounds like a great book. I prefer short and simple titles

    – Make pfSense
    – pf[make]Sense
    – pfSensing
    – Picking up the Sense

  53. Matts Says:

    I came on this one, a variation on my earlier one:

    - pfSense -
    The Sensible way of Packet Filtering

  54. heiko Says:

    pfsense – open source to the business

  55. Peter Dyke Says:

    It just makes pfSense!

  56. Eskild Skaar Says:

    Securing Business with pfSense

  57. sai Says:

    pfSense: Open Source Enterprise Firewall
    (to boldly go where no firewall has gone before)

  58. Jose Says:

    As far as I know is the first book of pfSense so :

    pfSense “The Book”


  59. RatX Says:

    “Great Walls of Fire”

  60. Christian Says:

    The complete reference to pfSense

  61. Claus Says:

    How about

    ‘Sensible Packet Filtering’

  62. cheesyboofs Says:

    I pfSense! Do you?

  63. Byron Says:

    Networking: pfSense style

  64. MisterAgony Says:

    PfSense Dissected

    PfSense inner workings

  65. Rob Says:

    Inside pfSense: Redefining the Firewall

  66. Det Says:

    pfSense – Mastering The OSS Enterprise Grade Firewall
    For Private – SOHO – Enterprises – Everyone Can Do!

  67. Peter Z Says:

    The Definitive Guide to pfSense looks OK as a balanced name

    I would be glad to see a name, which shows how outstandingly good the pfSense is, i.e. something simple, non-obtrusive, but remarkable on the bookshelf

    For me the word, which best describes the pfSense is – Comprehensive

    - Comprehensive Guide to pfSense
    - pfSense based Network – The Comprehensive Way
    - A Comprehensive Way to Think About IT (with a rubber-stamp [pfSence] around)

  68. mike Says:

    The pfSense Guide
    The Complete Guide to pfSense
    pfSense Revealed
    pfSense – My Network, Now!
    pf + sense = Net Value, No Glue
    Get back – pfSense @ once!
    pfSense? Buy This Book!
    pfSense – firewall yourself!
    pfSense in-the-know
    pfSense on a need-to-know basis
    pfSense – Guardian Guide
    pfSense – Building The Great Wall
    Understanding pfSense
    Get Into pfSense
    The Admin’s Guide To pfSense
    pfSense – Zero-Offer Networking Attained
    Good Times – pfSense Preferred
    pffft! Sense The Net…
    Com-bo/ok – pf & Sense Com-bi/ned
    pfSense – Net Value, No Loss – Negate the No-Net
    pfSense – Pushing Packets by the Pound
    pfSense – Period!
    pfSense – This Time You’re In Charge
    The Book On pfSense
    400 Pages – 1 Firewall
    Yes Sir! You Can Boogie Too – Dancing With pfSense
    pfSense – This Time It’s Serious…
    Ponderings on pfSense – Paying Your Dues
    Homer on pfSense – DoughNETs Revealed
    Homer on pfSense – DoughNET version – Closing the Hole
    pfSense – a Chris-Cast
    Block The Baddies – pfSense – Back-to-Back
    Binding With pfSense – Bound Version
    pfSense – Feet, Firewalking and Forwarding
    The Zen Guide To pfSense – Zensing The Zenseless
    pfSense – Door-To-Door
    pfSense – Stand and Deliver
    pfSense – Wall-To-Wall Solutions For The Weary
    pfSense – Server Spicing – Securely Served
    Go pfSense – Guide to The Goodies


  69. Fritte Says:

    pfSense – Protect your network
    pfSense – Got something to protect?
    pfSense – When security matters
    pfSense – A cheap way to high security
    Building a high wall with pfSense
    Protect your network with pfSense
    How to protect your network with pfSense
    Keep your integrity, use pfSense

  70. Tim Korn Says:

    Make Sense of pfSense: an In-depth Guide to Securing your Network

  71. Tim Korn Says:

    oh dang….I didn’t realize that was already mentioned. Ehh, whatever. I’ll most likely be buying this book. And I strongly agree with Mr. Bill McGonigle. It needs to mention that pfSense is a firewall right there in the title. I didn’t know what it was until today when I stumbled upon it while looking at another opensource firewall.

  72. 200mg Says:


  73. sathia Says:

    The definitive guide to pfSense,
    the best Firewall money can’t buy

  74. zaf Says:

    pfSense – An Extraordinary Firewall
    Own A Completed Firewall! – pfSense
    Know The Greatest Firewall – pfSense

  75. mike Says:

    Build Your Own: The pfSense Firewall
    Finding pfSense: A firewall adventure
    Firewall yourself with pfSense: on-guard & in-depth
    Protect yourself: Firewalling with pfSense

  76. Vandart Says:

    Hello all,

    here comes my poor contribution:

    The Real PFSense CookBook

    My best regards.


  77. mike Says:

    On pfSense – Advancing the Firewall
    Balls To The Firewall – pfSense Inspected
    Commence Liftoff – pfSense Firewalling and Beyond
    Introducing pfSense – Your Friendly Firewall
    No Entry – guarding your network with the pfSense firewall
    Lap of Luxury – Latter-day Sensing with the pfSense Firewall
    Honey and Pot – grow your own firewall with pfSense

  78. Olle Says:

    I like your current title but with a slight change. ‘A’ instead of ‘The’.

    “A Definitive Guide To pfSense”

    Either way, thanks for writing a book about pfSense. :)

  79. Bipin Says:

    pfSense – Learn ABC of network security
    pfSense – One firewall from home to business
    pfSense – Admins dream come true
    pfSense – Who says firewalls r expensive

    it would be great to have the book so atleast i can learn how to configure a firewall to its full efficiency

  80. Romain Says:

    Even if english is not my mother tongue, is here a possible title:
    ‘PfSense: A State of the Art OpenSource Firewall’

  81. William Says:

    I like “The Definitive Guide to pfSense”

    or maybe “pfSense in a BASH Shell”

  82. nexx Says:

    pfSense – 42

  83. nexx Says:

    pfSense – 42

  84. Gord Says:

    pfSense & Sensibility

  85. Pete Boyd Says:

    I think the best feature the engineering team creating pfSense have built is not its zero cost, so I wouldn’t make example of that in its title. There are far more worthy aspects of pfSense to shout about and I think it diminishes engineers’ hard work at creating features to focus so much on the cost.
    Also, pfSense is free in a number of ways and so focusing solely on its financial freedom skews the point of its multiple principles of freedom.

    My name suggestions:

    The pfSense Firewall Appliance Book
    The pfSense Firewall Appliance
    Firewalling Large and Small With pfSense
    Firewalling With pfSense

  86. Simon Says:

    The Definitive Guide to pfSense.
    Le guide pour pfSense
    pfSense : your dream
    pfSense, en profondeur…
    plongez dans pfSense
    dive into the fire…wall : pfSense

    pfSense by night

    my favorite is the last :)

  87. bert Says:

    Main title: pfSense – open source firewall and router at its best
    Subtitle: A complete guide to pfSense

  88. bert Says:

    pfSense – THE open source firewall and router

    Resembles strongly one of the suggestions by Cory Lievers. I’d like to see some emphasis on the word router as well, since pfSense does both firewalling and routing.

  89. bert Says:

    Open source firewall and router? pfSense!

  90. mike Says:

    Routing out the firewall – The pfSense Iron
    The Route(r) to pfSense – Firewalling and Routing made Simple
    Route(r) 66 – Keep the Blues on the Outside – pfSense firewalling explained
    pfSense – Router and Firewall – Here’s How…
    Take a Better Route(r): The pfSense Firewall/Router Book
    pfSense – Firewall/Router Extraordinaire – HowToDoIT

  91. Justin Finkelstein Says:

    How about: Sensible firewalls with pfSense

  92. Mathew Says:

    pfSense – MAKE PerFect SENSE

  93. utami Says:

    how about “The Sense of Firewall”

  94. koichi Says:

    I like this one “pfSense, the alternative enterprise firewall”

  95. Romain Says:

    If you look for a subtitle, what about:
    “From web caching to VPN configuration: a simple solution for all your complex needs”
    Of course you can change it the way you want or add some text
    (From web caching to firewalling: a simple opensource solution for all your complexe needs in your network infrastructure)

  96. mike Says:

    Secure @ Home / Routing out the Net: pfSense – the adventure continues…
    The pfSense Firewall/Router – Guide & Reference
    Overcome the distance – Close encounter with the pfSense Firewall/Router
    Pure Fun with Sense – pfSense Firewalling/Routing for your entertainment
    Come again? It’s pfSense! – Securing the Net the Right Way(c)
    FOSS Firewalling / Real Routing – pfSense-In-A-Book
    Protocol Forwarding Secure Enterprise Node Surfing Enabler –> The Book
    Pure Foss SENSor Evocation – Putting your Firewall/Router to work

  97. mt Says:

    Excellent! I cannot wait for it to be released.

    Title ideas:

    pfSense: Protecting Your World
    (Catch Phrase:) The Definitive Guide to pfSense

    Protecting Your World with pfSense
    The Definitive Guide to pfSense

    Secure Your World
    Building Firewalls with pfSense

  98. Robert Says:

    Firewalling – the pfSense way/style

  99. luismi Says:

    PFSense Black Book

  100. Guybrush Says:

    i love pfsense and would like to threw my one in:

    pfSense – were OpenSource meets the Enterprise

    best regards from austria

  101. Guybrush Says:

    sry, i just had one hour of sleep this night, i´d like to throw my one in here:

    PfSense, where Opensource meets the enterprise

    (hope the spelling is better now – will go to sleep immediatelly) ;-)

  102. Steve Says:

    I really like “Common pfSense”

    But a subtitle like – “Enterprise firewall/router on a small business budget.”

    I think it needs a title that grabs the attention of people who are buying $25,000 dollar routers, and get them to use pfSense, and maybe donate some of that saved money to the project.

  103. Seth Alberti Says:

    I am looking forward to the release of this book!

    pfSense – All in One Open Source Firewall Solution – Users Guide

  104. Wes Says:

    While there are many great suggestions here, I like your original title the best. “The Definitive Guide to pfSense” is short, sweet, and to the point.

  105. Belthazar Says:

    Hi Chris

    Will the book only be available in hard copy or will there be an electronic version available for purchase & download?



  106. Wes Says:

    Can you give us any further details as to final publication date?


  107. Chris Buechler Says:

    There will be an electronic version available for purchase.

    Publication date still unknown, unfortunately with the 1.2.1 and 1.3 snapshot releases recently I’ve been swamped with other things and it hasn’t progressed as much as I would have liked. I’m still committed to getting it out as quickly as possible, but won’t sacrifice quality for speed. I’ll put up a new blog post when I have more info on timelines.

  108. Belthazar Says:

    Morning Chris

    Great news thank you.
    All of the best.


  109. Dilan Kalpa Says:

    I wud luv to get a copy of this book soon. I ve done lot with pfsense and wanna see every possibility of pfsense

  110. Alex M. Says:

    I’d go with “The Definitive Guide to pfSense” as well. It sounds professional. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re reading a book called ‘Firewalls for Nimrods’ or a similar title. Also, people may point to this book when making a claim for the viability of pfSense in the work place. Do you really want to mention a book with a silly name to your manager or co-worker?

    Additionally, you may want to include a subtitle that describes pfSense as an open source, enterprise quality firewall. So for instance I’d go with something like:

    The Definitive Guide to pfSense: an enterprise, open source firewall

    Incidentally, could you post an update about the book’s progress? I’m eagerly awaiting it’s release.

  111. Chris Buechler Says:

    I’ll have an update posted when I have a pretty good idea when it’ll be finished. My early time table was too optimistic with 1.2.1, 1.3 and everything else going on of late. July blew by without much progress when I expected to make significant progress.

    I’m hopeful August will allow more time for writing. I have much of it together, but need to spend a lot of time filling in some gaps and clarifying some things.