2.4 pre-alpha snapshots now available.

pfSense® software version 2.4 pre-alpha snapshots are now available.

pfSense 2.4 will use FreeBSD 11 as a base, and 11.0-RELEASE has not yet occurred.  There will be additional work to use 11.0-RELEASE as a base.

More work at “reduction of technical debt” is occurring in 2.4.  We have decided to not carry forward the kernel patches for Captive Portal.  Instead, it is being re-written to use stock IPFW.  That work is only about 75% complete.  MPD4 needs to be converted to MPD5.  Simultaneously to these, work is occurring to convert several subsystems (e.g. radius) to use the PEAR equivalents:

There appears to be a bug in pf (likely due to the interaction of one of our patches).  This only manifests under high usage.

New features and changes are listed here.

Full change list:
source and build tools
FreeBSD source

Outstanding bugs/features/todo items:
Everything else

We advise that you do not use this on a production system yet. If you have the time and interest, we encourage you to try this on a scratch system or VM and provide feedback for any issues you find.

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5 Responses to “2.4 pre-alpha snapshots now available.”

  1. grawity Says:

    Ooh, does the ipfw port mean Captive Portal finally has a chance of working with IPv6? On the other hand, dropping x86 is a pity…

    By the way, your “everything else” link is access-restricted. Even after logging in to Redmine, I get a 403 Forbidden.

  2. OPN Says:

    WTF is “pre-alpha” exactly??

  3. Jean Says:

    Why not Chinese display, if you can increase the Chinese display it?

  4. brian Says:

    Does anyone know what is the font used on this blog?

  5. Andy Says:


    Hi Brian. While we’ve veered a little off topic, I *think* that the titles are Varela Round and the body text is Open Sans.


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