Book review: Network Administration with FreeBSD

Amazon has posted my review of Network Administration with FreeBSD from Packt Publishing. It may be of interest to those of you working with stock FreeBSD systems. While I wouldn’t call it a great book, as my review indicates, it’s absolutely proven useful. I’ve picked it up on a few occasions for reference purposes.

For those new to FreeBSD and wanting to learn more, the above is not intended as a book for beginners. For anyone new to FreeBSD, I recommend Absolute FreeBSD. I have not yet had a chance to read the second edition, but recommend it because the first edition was great, Michael Lucus is an excellent writer, and it has gotten exceptional reviews from people whose reviews I always find spot on, like Richard Bejtlich.

None of this is really relevant to pfSense, unless you want to become a developer. We hide all the details of FreeBSD so you don’t need to know these things. But if you’re interested in deploying FreeBSD in other uses, these may be of use.

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