pfSense® software translations with Zanata

Zanata is a web-based translation platform for managing localization projects. A lot of effort is expended in making sure that pfSense® software fully supports localization, but until today it has not been easy for people to contribute the actual translations. Now, however, the pfSense project has been added to the online, open-source Zanata platform and translating could hardly be easier!

The steps required to contribute your language skills to pfSense are simply:
  • Go to
  • Click “Go to the App”
  • Click “Sign Up”
  • Create a user account
  • Send an email to or to Provide your Zanata username and the language you wish to contribute.

This will allow us to add you to the project as quickly as possible.

Zanata displays a table with the English language string on the left, and a space to enter the translated version on the right. It also provides auto-translation where it can, learning from previous translations as you work, as well as high quality suggestions that help to automate the translation. There is syntax checking (which understands printf, HTML etc,) a glossary and numerous collaboration tools.

We think that people will really enjoy working on the Zanata platform and can’t wait to start adding the results of that work to pfSense.

Portuguese (Brazil) translation under way

More details of the Zanata project can be found here:

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4 Responses to “pfSense® software translations with Zanata”

  1. Hivetech Says:

    Project is locked on zanata… tried to start translating for DE

  2. Jim Thompson Says:

    I think this is fixed now. Thanks!

  3. Egal Says:

    Hey, i become the same Massage that the project is locked. I will help translate for DE.

  4. Moshe Katz Says:

    I’m trying to start translating for Hebrew, and it says the project is locked again.

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