1.2.1 Development Status Update

There are a couple remaining known issues with 1.2.1. 

Wireless – there were some issues here, we think they should all be fine after a couple commits this weekend. This isn’t fully verified yet though, if you were having any trouble with wireless in 1.2.1 please try an updated snapshot and report your findings in the forum. 

VLANs – This one is difficult to quantify because it works fine in many circumstances, and fails in others. This will get some more attention over the next week. 

You can always find the most up to date status of known 1.2.1 issues on the developer wiki

Once we’re confident the wireless issues are indeed resolved and find and fix the cause of the VLAN problems some users are experiencing, we’ll be releasing the first official release candidate. The release candidate phase should be short, we expect a final release not long after the first RC assuming no additional significant issues are discovered.

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6 Responses to “1.2.1 Development Status Update”

  1. tldstyl3 Says:

    Great news!!!

    But the really great news is that once 1.2.1 is out of the way, you guys can focus on the big one – 1.3…

    I can say that the 1.3 release date will be marked on my calendar – in a big way 😀

    btw, any ballpark guess as to when we would be close to a RC on 1.3? From what I know in its current state 1.3 is nowhere near ready for production use… I’m guessing at least 6 months until a RC?

    K u d o s, for all the hard work all the devs have put into this project!
    Keep it up!

  2. tldstyl3 Says:

    … forgot to say…. First 😀

  3. Chris Buechler Says:

    We’re not even feature complete on 1.3, nor do we know what additional features will be added. It’ll be quite some time until 1.3 is RC, we can’t even speculate on a date at this point. It’ll be 2009.

  4. Alan Says:

    Do you have an update on the status of the book? I checked the June 21st post and you thought it would be out first half of September.

  5. Chris Buechler Says:

    Alan: I’ll have a post up this weekend on that, it’s been delayed due to lack of time.

  6. dedieko Says:

    Can’t wait for 1.3 to be release

    Thanks for this snapshot update, I’ll give it a shot

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