pfDNS theme preview

As probably not everybody wants to install or has time to install pfDNS I would like to post a screenshot of the work in progress here for those who are interested. Feel free to leave a comment and it might have influence on the final product 🙂

Edit: New Screenshot posted (I have made all the suggested changes so far). Keep the feedback coming, I appreciate it!

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15 Responses to “pfDNS theme preview”

  1. Phill Kenoyer Says:

    That’s SICK! Great job!

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    Personally…the light green background makes me a little sick. 🙂 I like the color scheme overall, but like on the page shown, I think the background should stay the light gray or white it is in pfSense.

  3. sullrich Says:

    I like the outer portion of the theme but the green on the inside seems a bit too much. I do like the dropdown menu colors, however.

  4. hoba Says:

    It looks like the green that is surrounding the inner tables looks strange on some monitors (might be related to using a warm or a cold colorpreset on the monitor). I had different feedbacks already regarding this and I’ll probably go back to grey due to this. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!

  5. MxxCon Says:

    Indeed, that bright green/blue color is …unpleasant, especially when it’s contrasted with white background near Floating/Wan tabs.

    Also pfDNS logo is cool, but it’s way too big. Maybe integrate it into the background or have it only on the 1st/dashboard page? We’d be loosing too much screen space for a pointless logo.

  6. hoba Says:

    That’s probably as I’m working on a 24″ tft with pretty high resolution. Good catch. I’ll try to reduce the height of the header area.

  7. David Says:

    It feels like hospital 🙂 but it’s a great path to walk in…….(appliance)
    but I steel prefer the MS DNS structure as it’s easy to manage in the tree format. as for security……..:(

  8. Thomas Says:

    THAT’S SICK. Love the style hope more features are on the way….

  9. Anders Jensen Says:

    Looks cool(!), but it feels a bit strange with the DNA(?) and oscilloscope theme. I left with a “why?”. How about using less space for logos and more for information and get a theme that has more to do with IT? Coming form an electronics background I can relate to the oscilloscope, but the DNA stuff or whatever it is sort of lost on me.

  10. hoba Says:

    In german DNS is the short term for Desoxyribo-nuklein-saeure which translates to DNA Deoxyribo-nucleic-acid in english. So it’s rather an optical play on words of sorts which only makes sense on the first sight for german speaking people. sorry 😉 On the other hand a DNS/DNA is a kind of an archive of life and a DNS is a kind of archive too, that’s why I added DNS specific terms (a-records, mx, soa) around the helix. So it’s not a pure work of “madness”.

  11. cheesyboofs Says:

    Everyone’s a critic hehe 😉

  12. MxxCon Says:

    Good changes hoba.

    cheesyboofs, no. the proper phrase is “opinions are like a-holes; everybody got one, and all of them stink”. 🙂

  13. Juve Says:

    Yeah! Looks cool, a bit too Matrix like.
    This project is really becoming more interesting every single day!

  14. zk Says:

    looks sweet, maybe having a few colors to choose from would be cool. say, blue, red, purple, the green you already have, just a thought.

  15. m3tr0mini Says:

    it looks great….
    i wonder when it will be released
    i hope the next released it will be as light as the previous one

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