pfSense 1.3 is now 2.0

The pfSense version formerly known as 1.3 will be 2.0 going forward. The build system changes, renaming of the board on the forum, etc. will be happening bit by bit over the next week or two. This was done for two reasons.

1. This release brings numerous very significant changes, and going from 1.2 to 2.0 is more indicative of that. The configuration for 2.0 systems is not backwards compatible with 1.2.x, which is another good reason to stress the level of change by bumping the version number.

2. The person who wrote the package system’s version compatibility detection didn’t exactly use much foresight (not naming names, is no longer an active developer). Every existing version of pfSense only checks the first number in a version to see if it’s compatible, so a package marked for 1.3 only will show up on any version that starts with 1. Because, you know, who would ever release a 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, etc.?  It’s something that had not previously been a problem because packages weren’t as version-dependent as some are now. Changing the version to 2.0 is the easiest way to work around this and still accommodate all the existing installations out there, and it just makes sense to do so as noted above.

Lastly, the answer to the inevitable “When will it be released?”.

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12 Responses to “pfSense 1.3 is now 2.0”

  1. pfSense Digest » Blog Archive » 2.0 (formerly 1.3) ALPHA Snapshots Now Available Says:

    […] Edit: 1.3 was renamed to 2.0 […]

  2. Ian Says:

    i do wonder why the 1.2.1 release isn’t on track to become 1.3 (or heck, even 2.0), considering the switch to FreeBSD 7 under the hood.

  3. Chris Buechler Says:

    Because other than the FreeBSD change, there is little changed in 1.2.1, strictly bug fixes and several changes required for the FreeBSD version change.

    Granted the switch to FreeBSD 7.0 is significant, but it’s still coming off our RELENG_1_2 CVS branch so it will remain a 1.2.x release.

  4. BennTech Says:

    Last half of 2009 for 2.0?? Ah, man…well, I guess I’d rather have my firewall secure than rushed.

    Maybe I should dust off my programming hat and help, though by the time I got up to speed with pfSense code & BSD (I’m a Windows man–don’t hate me) you’ll probably be on version 2.3. 🙂

  5. Southman Says:

    With the changes I am a little confused. Is RELENG_1 still the 2.0 (formerly 1.3) snapshot directory? Then the pfSense-Full-UPdate-7-xxxxx would be the update to the main snapshot in that directory. Why is there 1.2.1 RC2 snapshots in both directories?

    Could you implement a better naming convention for those of us that work with both the 1.2.1 and 2.0 snaps? At the moment it is very difficult to know which is the 2.0 snapshot vs the 1.2.1 snapshot.

  6. Chris Buechler Says:

    The naming convention is messed up as things get converted over, it’ll all be sorted out in the coming days.

  7. darklogic Says:

    Will there be any added features for 1.2 or 2.0 versions of pfSense that will have proxy based services such as.
    1.) Mail based proxies using spamassasin and claimAV.
    2.) Web browsing security with ClaimAV and Antispyware.
    3.) OpenVPN automatic client configuration file generator and deployment.
    In other words, will you have addtional filtering solutions like Untangle, Endian, Clarkconnect, Smoothwall, ect…

    I currently use pfSense as a edge firewall with Untangle running as a transparent bridge filtering system for phishing, spam, web filtering, AV, and reporting behind pfSense.

  8. Chris Buechler Says:

    1.2.x gets no new features.

    2.0 already contains automatic client configuration for OpenVPN, it compiles the user’s configuration into a single Windows executable that installs the client and does the configuration automatically.

    AV in general is an overrated joke, especially at your network edge, but it may happen at some point. Mail proxy is another that may happen at some point.

  9. Nilson Brito Says:

    Só de ter mudado a versão do sistema operacional para freebsd 7 já é suficiente, foram muitas as mudanças no código no novo pfsense! Estou usando a alguns meses, já implantei em mais de 3 filiais, e mais de 4 clientes. Estou muito satisfeito.

    Edit: translated from Portuguese by Google:
    Just to have changed the version of the operating system for FreeBSD 7 is already sufficient, many changes in the new code pfsense! I’m using a few months, has deployed by more than 3 branches, and more than 4 clients. I am very happy.

  10. stygma Says:

    Where can the changelogs be found for 1.2.1 and 2.0?

  11. Chris Buechler Says:

  12. RB Says:

    I cant wait for the release of v 2.0 but i wonder will the feature for MAC address blocking be added, as this is a very important feature for a firewall !!

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