Do you game?

If so help us out and do a little reseach and tell us what ports (tcp and udp) your favorite game uses. I’ve just added CounterStrike support to the new “Experimental Traffic Shaper Wizard”.

Here’s what the HFSC queues look like so far:

# pfctl -sq | grep Gam
queue qLANRoot bandwidth 3Mb priority 6 {qLANdef, qLANacks, qVOIPDown, qP2PDown, qGamesDown}
queue qGamesDown bandwidth 0 b priority 5 hfsc( red ecn )
queue qWANRoot bandwidth 300Kb priority 6 {qWANdef, qWANacks, qVOIPUp, qP2PUp, qGamesUp}
queue qGamesUp bandwidth 0 b priority 5 hfsc( red ecn )

Big thanks to Bill who has been working _HARD_ on getting us up and on HFSC and to do this _CORRECTLY_.

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One Response to “Do you game?”

  1. PaducahNix Says:

    This feature is awesome, I’ve been a long time user of m0n0wall and feeling it fell short in a few areas of a normally robust nature: I jumped on this after hearing about it. I’ve setup rules for CS, BF2, and a few others, as well as giving my DNS & web server higher priority, and lowering P2P…We’ll see how this all works out in my LAN. I have a 6mb down and 768k up connection, I have 7 workstations and 11 machines on the lan using the connection via a rackmounted 24-port switch which is linked to the 600mhz pfSense box. Hopefully I will see performance gain in efficiency with the better prioritizing capabilities. Thanks to you guys, I’ll be sure to check back from some feedback on how things are going after a week or so of heavy usage. Thanks again,


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