The Road to QoS

Check out a new blog that goes over the improvements of the pfSense traffic shaper in 2.0.  Basically we are on the road to protocol inspection / classification.

This will be very exciting once the work is completed!!

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5 Responses to “The Road to QoS”

  1. PredatoryFern Says:

    Wow. That is definitely exciting. A big thank you to Ermal Luçi and the rest of the people working on this!

  2. Helder Pereira Says:

    As the author of the blog, I thank you for the reference and I invite everyone to participate and give your sugestions. Me and my coleague (we are both working on the layer7 integration in pfsense) are very excited about this and we hope we can do a good job!

  3. 2low4zero Says:

    Yum! I can already see a couple of small companies that will be interested in commercial support once deep(er) packet inspection becomes available. You guys are amazing. All of you. Fact is, I can’t think of another “alpha alpha” (1.3 a la 2.0) that’s as ready for production is PFSense is. Good Job!

  4. Pete Boyd Says:

    This is an exciting development to look forward to in 2.0!

  5. Steve Scott Says:

    Certainly looking forward to this. Currently I have a Zeroshell VM sitting in layer 2 bridge mode in front of the PFSense VM. I’ll be glad to get rid of the extra complexity and overheads of having to go up the IP stack twice once this is working within PFSense.
    Won’t be sorry to see the back of the zeroshall interface, but right now its the best L7 qos-in-a-box i’ve found.

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