1.2.1-RC3 is on its way to the mirrors

1.2.1-RC3 is here!

This release has been replaced by RC4 because of a regression for the FTP helper with FTP servers hosted on your network behind NAT.

Changes since 1.2.1-RC2 include:

  • Do not accept \ in alias fieldnames
  • Fix setup wizard WAN configuration page since removal of BIGPond
  • Replaced route get default with netstat -rn equivalent
  • No longer syncs CARP configuration when not needed
  • Do not use broadcast on CARP addresses
  • Fixes for CARP and VLANs related to interface and IP changes
  • Added OpenNTPD to Status -> Services
  • Removed enable filter bridge checkbox, it’s on by default
  • Fixed “no state” rules
  • Corrected description for bogon rule
  • Now shows rejected rule icon correctly on firewall edit page
  • Minor fixes for embedded upgrades (needs further testing)
  • Creates a backup of config.xml prior to package installations
  • Correct interface polling
  • Minor PHP Shell changes/fixes
  • Bumped /cf/ to 4.5M
  • No longer destroys enc0
  • NAT Reflection timeouts are now consistent for TCP/UDP
  • Ensure default gateway is present after filter reload
  • Detect iPhone / iPod and switch theme temporarily to pfSense
  • Other minor changes, please see cvstrac.pfsense.org reports section for RELENG_1_2

If all goes well we will be releasing 1.2.1-Final on XMAS!

Happy pfSensing!

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6 Responses to “1.2.1-RC3 is on its way to the mirrors”

  1. pfSense 1.2.1 RC3 | thecamels.org Says:

    […] Ullrich poinformował o […]

  2. Johnny Says:

    This is great. Quick question, is the FTP incoming still an issue?

  3. Purusam Says:


  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    Johnny: there is a FTP regression in RC3 if you’re using multiple FTP servers. There are no FTP issues in RC2.

  5. G Says:

    Any VMWare appliance on the horizon?

  6. Chris Buechler Says:

    G: RC4, which will be out tonight, will have one.

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