Scott and I commited code last night to get non-load balanced multiple WAN connections working. What this means is that you can now use the rules system to direct which link an arbitrary connection will go out.


  • On OPT2 I have a static IP’d 384/384 DSL connection
  • On WAN I have a dynamic IP 6000/768 cable connection
  • I’d prefer all my traffic to go through the cable connection except for my servers and a handful of things that require me to have a static IP.

Steps to make this work

  • On the interface screen for OPT2 put in a gateway address.
  • In the advanced outbound NAT screen set up NAT entries for your OPT2 and WAN interfaces with the traffic that you want going through it. In my case I create NAT entries for my DMZ and my LAN on the OPT2 interface and a NAT entry for the LAN on my WAN interface. This sets up the NAT side so that when traffic leaves through those interfaces it’ll use the right source address.
  • Now for the fun part, rules.
  • In the DMZ rules screen, I set up each pass rule to have the gateway on my OPT2 interface. Edit the rule and towards the bottom you’ll see a gateway option.
  • On the LAN rules screen, I create a couple rules to direct specific traffic out OPT2.
  • If the above rules aren’t created, the system will use your default gateway (the WAN gateway is considered default).

Give it a whirl!

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One Response to “Multi-WAN”

  1. rcpa0 Says:

    Would you happen to be able to provide some screenshots of the relevant NAT and Rules pages?

    My attempt with 0.83.2 on Soekris isn’t working.

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