Revision3/Hak5 features pfSense

Revision 3’s Hak5 recently featured pfSense.   Check it out!!

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13 Responses to “Revision3/Hak5 features pfSense”

  1. mrguitar Says:

    ….any press is good press, right?

    Those guys are not funny.

  2. Mike Chelen Says:

    Haha, their coverage may not be as detailed as experienced users would like, however it does bring pfSense to a wider audience that will be more likely to check it out and learn more 🙂

  3. Chris Lasater Says:

    Have the number of downloads increased since the video? I have never really heard of Hak 5 before I saw this.

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    No noticeable increase. We see around 5000 unique visitors on an average day, so it takes something very considerable to cause a bump any bigger than normal day to day variance of +/- a few hundred people.

    Seems to be a popular site, and I’m sure it brought a number of new people to the project, which is great.

  5. Daniel S Says:

    Well, i saw the Hak5 show and thats why I’m here -=) BTW this seams like a totally awesome project once i get my spare PC some parts …

  6. Chris Buechler Says:

    Daniel S: Cool, welcome!

  7. Eric Westlund Says:

    I also saw this product on Hak5. Had a spare machine, set it up and love it!! Very good work.

  8. jack Says:

    About p0f, is it still up-to-date ?

  9. Chris Buechler Says:

    jack: should be.

  10. mark Says:

    Cool! I used to watch hak5 episodes and emailed them after seeing an episode in which they featured smoothwall, telling them they should do a show on pfsense since it (in my opinion) a MUCH better solution.
    That was, i think, about a year ago or so…. better late than never.

  11. drlegend Says:

    i learned about pfsense from hak5 and since then I have being experimenting with it and seem to love it so far (to me it is a better choice than smoothwall). So a bit of press does not never hurt.

  12. Matt Lestock Says:

    Hey everyone, I was just stopping by to check on the progress update of 2.0

    And came across this blog entry.

    While I know that the episode covering pfSense was more or less an overview on how easy it was to install it, we will be going into more in depth features of the product in future episodes when I can focus on it.

    If there’s something that you’d like me to highlight about the product, being that you guys are the creators, please feel free to email me matt [at] hak5 [dot] org
    And I’ll do my best to get it into a future episode.

    Thanks for the post, and it’s my goal to bring as many converts as I can possibly reach as it really is a great product!

    Thanks Again,

  13. Chris Buechler Says:

    Matt: Glad you stopped by, thanks for promoting the project!

    We haven’t had an update up on 2.0 in a bit, though with our hackathon starting in just two days, we’ll have considerable progress in the next week and we’ll have updates throughout the week. So check back here, or better yet, add this site to your RSS reader to stay up on all the latest.

    And I put an item on my todo list to follow up with you on suggestions for future shows.

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