Hackathon 2009 preparations under way

As Holger noted previously, the pfSense 2009 Hackathon is coming up in less than three weeks. This will be our fourth Hackathon, and each year is bigger than the last. We have held one major event every 12-18 months since the project’s inception in 2004. The last was in October 2007, with pictures here.

These events have been invaluable to the development of the project. It’s easier to work with people whom you have met in person, and getting together as a group to focus on development makes for significant strides in a short period of time. This year the focus is on the 2.0 release – mostly wrapping up numerous loose ends and fixing bugs, as well as general discussions and planning for the 2.0 release cycle.

Scott and I have started preparing, getting test networks and equipment in place. Holger and Seth will arrive from Germany and the Netherlands respectively in less than three weeks. Three or four other developers will join as well, for a total of 7 or 8 people.

We need your help!
The developers are taking vacation time from their day jobs to come, and we want to ensure they won’t have any out of pocket expenses for the event. In years past, we have been able to cover expenses thanks to the donations of many of you.  
We again need your help. You can donate here, and every little bit helps. For those with larger budgets, consider our commercial support which offers a number of benefits in addition to providing funding for the project.

A big thanks to those who have contributed already!

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4 Responses to “Hackathon 2009 preparations under way”

  1. OnHeL Says:

    I’m surprised at how few replies there were to the previous Hackathon post. :o(

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    OnHeL: Yeah the response hasn’t been what it was in years past, though traffic here is up considerably this year and every previous year. Donations have been at a significantly slower pace, though our support revenues are up some, so we aren’t flat broke and that helps offset that. Still going to be very hard to cover all the expenses this year at the rate things are going.

    I suspect we’re just seeing the same thing everyone else is given the state of the world economy, people and companies are hanging on to as much as they possibly can.

  3. Juve Says:

    Like I said on IRC, I’ve just sent you $100 via the paypal to help you for the hackathon! Hope that helps !
    Have a good time guys!

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    Thanks much Juve!

    Also thanks to several others who have contributed since this post went up. We’re still behind where we’ve been in past years, but it’s picked up.

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