pfSense Hackathon 2009 will be televised

The 2009 Hackathon will be televised!   We have 2 cameras setup currently and will be looking at adding a third.

Head on over to to check it out.  You can join the chat by using the Java viewer embedded on the page or head over to and join #pfsense-hackathon.

Folks start arriving at 7PM EDT on Saturday.

Also, we are still not close to reaching our food budget for this year.   If you can spare some extra $$ please consider donating.

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7 Responses to “pfSense Hackathon 2009 will be televised”

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  3. Juve Says:

    So nice!
    I’ll be looking at you guys! Will the sound be retransmitted as well ? 😀

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    I don’t think you want to hear the sound. 😀

    We don’t really have any great way to broadcast it. One laptop with a webcam is on top of a HP 4000M switch so you could probably just hear the whirr of it. The other wouldn’t catch much either.

  5. Ariel Rincon Falconi Says:

    So great!

    I was thinking in sending a couple of pizzas but that could be a little complicated since i am in Mexico… maybe some tacos?

    Well, i just donated $20

    Very good work! we use pfsense in Mexico too :o)


  6. Chris Buechler Says:

    Ariel (and everyone else) – thanks VERY much!

    Though we’re still down from previous years, we’re in much better shape than we were at the beginning of this week.

  7. Jose Luis Soto Says:

    I have a six pack of cold beers, to view the event.

    We use pfsense in Xalapa,Veracruz, Mexico.

    Jose Luis Soto

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