Amazing new things up in 0.70..

Bill commited some awesome new code:

CARP, ProxyARP and the useless “Server NAT” (which just tells the system about IPs to use for NAT and does nothing) are now merged under one screen that should be much better. In the process I broke ProxyARP ranges (ie ARP for, is anyone actually using this feature? Any complaints if I deprecate it in favor of just using CIDR notation (yeah, I know that might suck for things like, but it’s already required for rules)?

The config file bump will auto-convert your CARP/ProxyARP configs to the new layout (including anyone using ranges – although the GUI code for modifying ranges is currently disabled). But please check it out and report bugs, I’m sure I’ve screwed something up somewhere.

Also, welcome our newest commiter Erik Kristensen who has rewritten the ez-ipupdate client in native php!

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3 Responses to “Wow!”

  1. Aderium Says:

    Well, I have multiple static IP’s to set on my wan for different services and servers on my private network, so if that is what’s broken, yeah that’s an issue.

    My ISP provides me with 5 IP addresses in the same subnet and all I have is one interface

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    Nothing is broken, the functionality to use ranges was removed so if you have 5 IP’s that are contiguous and can’t be CIDR summarized, you now have to enter 5 separate proxy ARP rules rather than putting them all into one.

    i.e. if you have public IP’s through, you have to enter a rule for, another for, etc. etc. Previously you could tell it to use that range of .5 through .10.

  3. Aderium Says:

    Thanks for the explanation, pf is new to us but we support pfsense 100% !!

    I ll learn more about CIDR summarized to know whats the better way for us to serve our needs, but thanks for the prompt answer.

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