Another successful hackathon wrapped up

The last of the 7 developers in attendance left on Sunday, wrapping up 8 days of heavy development primarily on 2.0. If you’re curious and have a lot of time to spare, all the changes are detailed in Gitorious (10 pages worth). 2.0 is in considerably better shape than when the week began, though some work remains to be done. Details on that to come.

Thanks very much to those who contributed to fund this event!

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3 Responses to “Another successful hackathon wrapped up”

  1. Peter Says:

    No pictures this year? 😉

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    Not yet. I didn’t take any myself, but hope to get some from others and put them up.

  3. jigpe Says:

    Cant wait to see the 7 superstars developers 🙂 No plans for another Hackathon here in Davao City Philippines?

    Davao City

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