Race car, zoom zoom!

So much new stuff in 0.70.2, so little time to type. Just start playing already!

  • New XHTML/CSS default theme
  • Themes support. Start making themes and submit them to us!!
  • IPSEC-Tools racoon is now imported
  • Dynamic DNS IPSEC!
  • Virtual IP manager – unifies carp and proxyarp
  • New alert system
  • Faster Traffic Shaper configuration generation on backend
  • Fixed Dynamic DNS client
  • WRAP version works again

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3 Responses to “Race car, zoom zoom!”

  1. analyzerx Says:

    Where exactly can we find the update? 😛

  2. Scott Ullrich Says:


    Look for Upgrades… All in plain site .

  3. alamsyah rasyid Says:

    great job

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