Hackathon2k9 theme preview

Here is what I have been working on during the hackathon a few weeks ago. It’s not yet commited as I’m not quite sure if I will keep it exactly this way. Sometimes the longer you work on something the less you are sure if you still like it, especially if it’s artwork related. I would appreciate some general feedback or suggestions on this.

There is one thing to note on this theme (that’s unique to this theme currently): The header including the menu is static, so it won’t scroll with the page. This way you always have access to the menu, even if you are at the bottom of a long page. The content just scrolls behind the header (as you probably notice when having a closer look). The backgroundimage is static too. I think this adds some useability, especially for those who have a long ruleset for example.

Update: Looks like this theme is polarizing people’s opinions. Some love it, some hate it. I guess I’m a real artist now. I did some more changes to it and it will be commited the way it is now. Love it or simply don’t use it if not. Don’t expect this theme to become the default theme of any version. I’ll do something more “mass-compatible” and more “corporate looking” as a new default theme following the recommendations I gathered from the discussion of this post. This one is done.

Updated preview is here.

P.S. Yes, I love the prodigy 😛

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17 Responses to “Hackathon2k9 theme preview”

  1. cheesyboofs Says:

    Nice, Nice – I like the way you can still see the stuff scrolling past under the header. You could even get away with some fire along the bottom of the background but you’d have to be careful it didn’t look too cheesy.

  2. Chester Says:

    Very nice. I hope that it is written in XHTML 1.1 strict and CSS 2. As I sometimes have to use a text browser (links or elinks) to access the interface from outside, it would be nice if pfSense 2.0 would support correct display of menues etc.

  3. BennTech Says:

    Hmmm…cool feature fading under the header, but don’t know if I like that or not. One thing’s for sure, though, is that orange has got to go or at least tone it down a bit. The bright red side backgrounds, red table backgrounds, red text, and then orange header with orange outlines, orange frame, and orange menu with red/orange highlights are just too much.

    If the header’s static, it would be nice for it to include breadcrumbs so we know what page we’re on, e.g., Firewall > Rules > WAN. Also, while the header image is cool, it’s a huge waste of space when only the menu needs to be static.

    Didn’t mean for this to sound so negative. Gotta give you props for your hard work–it’s good stuff.

  4. sai Says:

    like the static header!

  5. David Nordin Says:

    very damn good indeed 🙂

  6. Fritte Says:

    Have to agree with BennTech.
    And why put so much work on a theme for an interface that you not are supposed to work in daily? Hopefully you just have to set it up once and then leave it that way.

  7. Chris Buechler Says:

    Fritte: Because that’s what Holger likes to do. He’s done almost all the great theme work on the project, and doesn’t write any code.

    The flashy front end stuff is what’s gotten attention and posts here, but if you look through the 10+ pages of commit logs from the hackathon, you’ll see the bulk of everyone’s efforts went towards back end work, bug fixes, things of that nature that are critically important but not of a lot of interest as blog post items.

  8. Frederic Says:

    Cool header, nice background, tabs… !

    But I agree with previous posters about changing the orange!, the color combination with the red doesn’t “work” well to make it look really professional.

  9. nexx Says:

    ACK to BennTech

  10. Jantje Says:

    It’s a firewall theme, stressing the fire. And it’s definitely is a nice attention grabber.

    As for general feedback:
    -The red font at the bottom of the screen on the yellow background could be a bit darker for better contrast.
    -In the pull-down menu, the yellow space underneath the bottom/last menu item could be just a bit bigger.
    -The main menu items have the illusion of casting a shadow unto their right neighbor, but the rest of the pull-down menu does not. It might look more finished if the entire pull-down menu has the same illusion of shadow.

    Also, just a thought, is the background animated? A gently waving backdrop kind of like Aurora skies, that would really be an eye catcher.

    Anyway, it’s a nice looking theme.

  11. Christian Krützfeldt Says:

    Very cool.
    I don’t visit the firewall interfaces daily, but when I do have to go there, a nice look and feel is definitely something I appreciate.

  12. Mark Says:

    “things of that nature that are critically important but not of a lot of interest as blog post items.”

    Depends on who you ask.

  13. mrguitar Says:

    I love the look for a “home” firewall. I don’t think it would fly in a corp environment though. One of my favourite things about the current default theme is how professional it looks. It’s hard enough to get M$ folks to consider using anything open source. I would hate to see the look on their face if this was the default theme.

    That said, I do like it and would consider using it @ home.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  14. Chris Buechler Says:

    Mark: we posted a link to the change log for those who are interested in the minute details. https://rcs.pfsense.org/projects/pfsense

  15. Sergio Almonte Says:

    Very good Theme. Matter fact, I’m listening to The Prodigy right now “The Omen”. I also use PFSense and I gotta say, that it’s the best firewall I’ve seen out there and it’s free!!!.

    Not to sound unsatisfied, but the Load Balancing features need more enhancements on it to make it perfect. Other than that! Way to go!

  16. Marco Says:

    …no matter the skin, it’s the brain that’s impressive 😀
    Apart from that, personally I think that the gray-red combination in the present “nervecenter” theme is elegant and helps you focusing on the contents and not the shape (agree with mrguitar). Flashing colors doesn’t just “fit” in a professional environement, period.
    Anyway, like I sad before, it’s the brain what matters most, so keep up the good work and thanks for this excellent piece of stuff 😉 EMBEDDED PFSENSE RULEZ!

  17. john Says:

    nice theme…how can i download it?

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